Problem fixed, but not thanx to Western Digital. It doesn’t look to me of sturdy stuff. I feel ripped off It would have deserved 5 stars, except that is is not made of recyclable materials and the manufacturer has provided no option for sending the unit in for recycling LOL Very impress, pocket size, great volume storage, work very smoothly So far, so good.

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The problem came when I decided to use the included software, WDSync, for my backups. All these require your unit to be visible by the system in order to work! Reading up on other customer’s reviews I notice they mention the Y-USB cable a lot, a power boosting option for your drive.

A great back up device. It is easy to use and never runs out of space as I’m trying to back up my entire hard drive. I was expecting a backup software which could do an incremental, on-demand, selectable file backup and sync.

I was stuck, so all I could do was trying WD online support. In the end I actually had to register to get access to the software, I guess because of the encryption included with the unit’s apps in the actual unit, which if in the first place you can’t westeen on your digitao, then how the hell can you access the apps??? Get Lacie or Seagate I’m a professional 3D graphics artist and made the mistake of buying this product.


Lucky for me I have several back ups of them. WD has been the only brand I’ve used, and I intend to switch.

Western Digital Wd2500xms-00 250gb USB External Hard Drive – Very Good

I ended up having to return sd2500xms unit because it was ejecting itself for no reason and I couldn’t even get any data into it. My HP pavilion dv has no problem powering it.

My information is valuable, and don’t trust this harddrive with my recycle bin. I used a program called “SuperDuper” to image my internal drive to the WD Passport, which made a bootable copy of everything on my computer.

Western Digital WDXMSTN Passport GB USB Portable Hard Drive – Comment and Review

When I got home to my desktop computerexited to try it out. I’ve used it on multiple desktops and multiple laptops with no issues at all, but you’ll have to try it on your own system.

I had no problem in reformatting to NTFS and get it into working condition. What else would you possibly use it for??

Total access, working like a dream. If you are buying to use for travel, it sucks. This was very easy to use via USB on my standard Dellencryption software and password protection if required.


On regards to installation instructions there where to graphics. The price of the Passport drives all models changes frequently. Slick and stylish, easy to use and great price.

A week later I have mine in my pocket and it falls out onto the carpeted floor, needless to say, thats the end of it with all my relevant info trapped and unreachable. My computer can see, there is just no way to open it. It’s a little more expensive, though. I feel ripped off Highly recommend this product Having only one USB jack more on this point below.

It works without any problem in my toshiba laptop I cant afford that. The harddrive is very bipolar. A couple of months after buying it, I am about to get my bag from a table, it falls out onto the table, barely 20inches and thats it.