Page 20 Caution Do not place the scanner in direct sunlight or in a cold draft. Rails Rails Confirm that the interface board is fully inserted and firmly locked in place, then secure the interface board with the two 2 retaining screws. Use the blower accessory to blow off any dirt from the double feed detector A and double feed detector B. Selecting Multicolor Dropout 1. Power button of www. Confirm that the reference plate has been turned over and is locked in position. Repacking Instructions If you need to transport or ship the scanner, please follow these guidelines and instructions:

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The backside of the top truper 3600 is coated with the very fine ink droplets. Drive rollers Drive rollers Hold the roller to prevent it from rotating, then wipe the truper 3600 from one side to trpuer other in the direction of the arrows shown in the diagram.

Bell And Howell Truper 3600 Operator’s Manual

When Is Shading Adjustment Required? Appendix 4—Adding Memory The scanner package truper 3600 64 MB of base memory installed on the interface board.

Compatible with the TIFF 6.

To maintain scanning quality, clean the scanner components frequently: Glued or curled documents may cause a paper jam or damage in the ADF unit. Feed Modes with the ADF If the scanning application supports truper 3600 Advanced Scanner Settings, the scanner can be configured in either automatic, manual or truper 3600 for start feed modes via operator selection of the Advanced Settings – Manual Feed Mode.


The error may be resolved if you scan at a lower resolution or select a different mode, such as black and white or grayscale. If other applications on the truper 3600 rely on the Microsoft.

Lock the cartridge adjusting lever, as shown in the diagram. Scan the truper 3600 in color at a dpi or more.

truper 3600 Page 90 Remove the retard roller from the metal brackets by holding the ends of the roller shaft and pulling up the roller in the direction of the arrows, as shown in the following diagram. Microsoft Autoplay will start, displaying the Select Your Language screen.

Bowe Bell + Howell Truper 3600 Low-Volume Production Scanner From Inception Technologies

All plastics used in general office equipment trupwr susceptible to this condition, some truper 3600 than others. Do truper 3600 place the scanner in an area where there is a lot of smoke, dust, chemical fumes or vibration. To uninstall versions 4. Page To set other printing parameters, see the instructions for your scanning or document management software application.

Operating Systems that support VRS 4. The alphanumerics and symbols in the following table can be printed. Users upgrading to 4. truper 3600

The wire frame neatly stacks these documents after they exit the feeder. Feeding Speed Insert one sheet of the document into the paper slot with the side to be scanned facing up. Roller life and roller cleaning schedules are directly dependent upon the paper that is scanned. The Kodak truper 3600 and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company.


High Select this when feeding thin documents. Use the blower accessory to blow off any dirt from the double feed detector A and double truper 3600 detector B.

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After recording all of the color values, turn off HiZoom. Pull the jammed document out trkper the document feeder. Page 57 Caution The height of truper 3600 documents placed in the feeder tray must not exceed the paper limit mark that appears on the right side of the document guide. The power save feature is enabled with a waiting time of 15 minutes, so that the Sleep Mode truper 3600 into effect after 15 minutes after the last scanner operation. Please ignore by clicking OK in the Sentinel dialog box.

Truper : Kodak Alaris : Information Management

These features dramatically truper 3600 document preparation and ongoing file storage requirements. To install VRS 4.

The printed results are also reflected on the scanned images.