The A provided decent, but unspectacular endurance. It appears that everything is working except for the and wireless network, any suggestions? Not only is the 5,rpm, GB hard drive on the A spacious, it’s also relatively speedy. While playing videos and listening to music, the Harman Kardon-powered speakers were able to fill a room easily at full volume without becoming distorted. I will be complaining to Toshiba not that it will help much. Its Laptop Battery Efficiency Rating of

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After playing a Hulu video at full screen for 15 minutes, the touchpad measured 93 degrees Fahrenheit, the space between the G and H keys was 91 degrees, and the middle of the underside registered degrees. Our current favorite weights 2. If Wireless is not brought up by GUI, you can use: Anyone have a useful tool for monitoring this?

D if you still on 2. I’m trying to use the guide that’s posted on page 2, but I’m running into problems. After some research, I think I’ve finally gotten all the issues solved.

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I wish I had known this several months ago. Please, any help or direction would be much appreciated I encountered similar problem.


Will update once this compile finishes and hopefully it works. I have used the same CD to install it on my PC and I have been using it successfully for the last few months.

I have tried the toshiva recent Ubuntu, and even the Fedora 13 Beta final version out the 18th tosjiba uses the most current kernel. Is there any reason I should downgrade? I hope you have created the recovery disk.

I’m happy I could help other Toshiba owners so they don’t suffer too much with all this: XD I Stuck in the make part see the screenshot http: This is my first time doing anything like this It won’t be pretty when Ubuntu boots up, but it should work. All are backlit, and responded quickly to our finger when we pressed them.

Tip Familiarize yourself with the location of the wireless switch before traveling by air as many airlines require passengers to disable Wi-Fi devices during the flight.

Built-in wireless LAN Compile driver from the source code make 2. Go see Bestselling Laptops! And to test the webcam, just install a program like cheese sudo apt-get install cheese P. I seriously can not thank you enough.


I finally have ubuntu working on my laptop! I had worked through the other thread listed in this post, but this really worked for me.

Toshiba Satellite A (S)

While the glossy finish on the Below is my full patch Thanks Roger R. Underneath todhiba front lip is a 5-in-1 memory card reader. If you don’t need to go online but still want to work on the computer, switch off the wireless connection to conserve battery power.

But thanks for the upload might use it if something goes wrong with my kernel in the future. Will someone ever fix it? That will take like an hour.

So before “ifconfig wlan0 up”, you can use “iwconfig” to check which interface our NIC is. The main one is that ubuntu doesnt recognize the battery in my laptop.