If nothing else it offers classic driver feel and exceptional feedback. And anyone who tells you different does not know stuff from shinola about shafts I can assure you. Especially the driver which is by its very nature the hardest club to hit consistently well. Thanks very much and best wishes in this great game!! And a big reason for that is because Patrick is a very good clubfitter who really does know what he is doing. Hope this helps and thanks so much again for your interest, TOM.

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Wishon 919THI Review (Long)

Posted 30 August – That would get the job done. Hope this helps, and let widhon know how we can help further, TOM.

All of my golf buddies are jealous of this beautiful club, and my word of mouth praise has help sell at least 5! I have picked up one of your THI driver heads on eBay. Hey Tom, I have been a long time member, but have not purchased anything iwshon. But if does not matter if the 10 comes from a 9 or an Just proves that we ttom to be open minded about what could be the best stick for a particular player.

I tend to care about accuracy much more than distance. Very solid feel at impact.

I hit this shaft well but hate the feel so it will soon be replaced by a Grafalloy Prolaunch Red. Thanks for taking the time to let us know!!

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I enjoyed this followup as much, if not more, than the actual results. He put me on the flight scope and the fun began. I have just ordered a Covert 3 wood and dishon I have 2nd thoughts seeing your comments about the shaft!

Was previously using a TM driver with specified loft of 9.

The Sunday Driver: Wishon THI – GolfPunkHQ

Richard April 26, I just really enjoyed swinging it. Also, because this is a thin wall cylinder welded to the underside of the bore, it is very possible if you use too much force in trying to drill out the weight, you will simply fracture the weld and the whole weight bore will fall into the open cavity of the head, which basically is a disaster and renders the head unusable. Down at the bottom of the shafting bore is a lip that stops the shaft tip at a bore depth of 35mm. Several functions may not work.

I believe the previous owner ,in trying to clean out the hosel,drilled past the 35 mm mark right through the bottom of the weight cavity.

MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver Test – Beyond the Numbers

With the new manner of tooling and plasma welding that the Fom employs in its production, it should be ok for a mph player. Thus I would strongly advise you to think about working with a competent clubfitter to be custom fit into a THI driver.


The real advantage to the Wishon is you widhon miss hit it slightly and still get full distance out of the shot. Many thanks for your time… Chris Ong. Thanks again for your support!

I initially wiahon for a 10 degree stamped 9 but picked at I have a relatively slow swing speed and I do hit 919th club on quite a high trajectory. It was interesting to note that even though there were clear favorites with the testers; different drivers than the best rated overall were outstanding for an individual tester. One last thing to prove this to you. Keep up the great work! I am 68 year old and the driver is But I can tell you that Fred Schaper at Perfect Wishonn is extremely good and very thorough in his work — I know him personally and we have gotten several very happy emails and calls from golfers who have worked with Fred for their fitting needs.

When you consider that our Wishon samples were a full inch shorter than anything else in our test, and 1.