To use asynchronous failover detection, you must create a class that implements this interface, then register an instance of the class at runtime on the TimesTen connection discussed shortly. SQLException It returns true if the database is valid, or false if the database is in an invalid state, such as due to system or application failure. In particular, the code should roll back the current transaction and, to avoid out-of-memory conditions in the server, disconnect from the database. You should always include code that checks for warnings, as they can indicate application problems. Remove the client failover listener instance The TimesTenConnection interface defines the following method to deregister a failover event listener instance:

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Yo u can choose the desired mode through the DuplicateBindMode general connection attribute.

ClientFailoverEventListener interface for use in listening for events, highlighted by the following method: The DSN is required. Create an instance of your listener class, then register it using this method.

Before attempting to write a TimesTen application, be sure you have completed the following prerequisite tasks: For example, using the following SQL syntax in a Java application may not produce the intended results:. General connection attributes are set by each connection and persist for the duration of the connection. The first line shows the RAM residence policy set to always. This section discusses autocommit and manual commits or rollbacks, assuming a JDBC Connection object myconn and Statement object mystmt.


Because this is a general connection attribute, different connections to the same database can use different values.

Ali n 9 The connection must have been opened, which is not shown. Optionally, you can add a default data source definition.

Timesten – JDBC

Setting a timeout value for SQL statements Setting a threshold value for SQL statements The former is to set a timeout, where if the timeout duration is reached, the statement stops executing and an error is thrown. RowId interface and Types. This section discusses how to check for, identify and handle errors in a TimesTen Java application.

Associative array binding is not allowed in passthrough statements. These are identical to inherited from PreparedStatement setter methods. The connection attributes that control the size of the database when it is in memory are PermSize and TempSize. Manage existing tables in the database The following utilities enable you to manage certain aspects of existing tables in the database: There is no batch support for DML returning.

Use ResultSet objects to process query results. No further operations may complete. Tjmesten following topics are covered: TimesTen supports multithreaded application access to databases. When you are finished accessing the database, call the Connection method close to close the connection to the database.


Timesten – JDBC [Gerardnico]

Example Setting a prefetch count The following code uses a setTtPrefetchCount call to set the prefetch count to 10, then uses a getTtPrefetchCount call to return the prefetch count in the count variable. There are methods to write either gimesten or part of the String value. Before attempting to write a TimesTen application, be sure you have completed the following prerequisite tasks: Metadata methods will return Types.

A timeout does not occur during the commit or rollback phase of an operation. Tinesten includes the following topics:. Ma nually committing or rolling back changes If autocommit is disabled, you must use the Connection method commit to manually commit transactions, or the rollback method to roll back changes.

Also, if the prepared statement references a temp table, it is only shared within a single connection. For external users, you provide only the user name, as the password timestrn verified by the operating system.

For maximum performance, prepare parameterized statements. You intend to use automatic client failover.