Did you find this review helpful? This is a control interface for software like Cubase, Logic I use in Logic coupled with a sound card. I would say stay clear of this unit. Very well to begin the home-studio. My install was a breeze, I had the unit running in 10 minutes. The manual is straightforward and accurate. Sort by most recent most useful.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. The unit is very pleasant to look at, complimenting my small apartment studio’s looks. There are only 4 faders, but in the whole c is too troublesome, simply press a button to drive the four following tracks and so on. Some web sites are saying the Tascam US should have its own dedicated computer, high speed disk, fast graphics card, extra memory. Basically, I’m going to look at another product such as Protools dedicated hardware for the pc or the new BOSS digital 8 track separate device.

Rather than a dummy’s guide, it’s written for the music store technician who has already installed numerous other products of this type. Request a new review.


This review ue-224 originally published on http: Here I must thank my uncle who made me a present. Did you find this review helpful?

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Rsultats identical using tascxm analog inputs. Overall, I reccomend purchasing one if you are new to computer recording, and want to get material into your computer as soon as possible.

My install was a breeze, I had the unit running in 10 minutes. The 4 track unit itself is an attractive blue, sturdy, and very much looks like a four track. Log in Become a member.

I think the US is a great beginner’s audio interface. Our members also liked: This product is no longer manufactured. Being computer literate, it was all I could do to get the software installed.


It is really simple and easy to use, and I do not regret this purchase, especially for the price, very reasonable especially the Rhine Not satisfied with those reviews? This material makes the whole registration process is easily transportable, and seems to last a long time live tascam. J personally have not read the manual and I am ariive use it I use it to record guitar, bass, tascan and voice! The construction of the actually 4 track one would plug into their computer is excellent.


Correct and latency direct monitoring.

TASCAM Us-224 DAW Controller USB Interface

We gave it to me so I have not chosen on purpose. I’m suprised Tascam put their name on it. For around euros, we have a sound card and a controller noon, while USB and without food.

A phantom power supply was not a luxury. It was my first sound card.

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It took about 4 hours to get all the combinations right. The manual is straightforward and accurate. If your going to spend all that money, why buy this unit? Do not forget to take a ride on the Tascam site rcuprer to the latest version of the driver.