The installation caused no problems. Moreover, it couldn’t detect similar discs recorded on the other drives. The drive needs no special drivers. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Here’s what the drive is based on. However, you can use the DVD Region free program which provides the regional protection. Plextor PXA – 5 min.

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CD-RW drive Formatting time min. The number of the trade marks were lift up to 4, 2 of each type, to provide more information of how the drive treats discs of different trade marks. The drive needs no special drivers. Further all types of data will soony tested in the OverDrive mode.

SONY allows a user to adjust the read speed with a special utility available on the support site. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Plextor PXA – 5 min. Now let’s use other utilities to get more information on the drive; for example, Nero Infotool, which tells what formats and disc types are supported by the drive: No problems occurred, the drive successfully detects and records most discs.


The only button is deeply recessed, which won’t let you press it accidentally but sometimes it can be a problem to find it by touch. Dimensions W x H x D: BioShock Infinite and Metro: The speed can be only roughly adjusted but it’s enough.

Sony Dru a DVD RW R CD – Rewriteable Drive | eBay

The evolution of the recorders brings one more drive supporting a higher write speed – Sony DRUA. If you don’t want to download the utility, then here you can find the HTMl help file.

The label on top provides information on the location and time of production.

Below are also results of reading of the recorded discs for the Lite-On drive with the KProbe utility. The system that automatically sets the maximum speed checks for badly readable discs and video discs. The burn speed was the same for all trade marks and types of media.

Roman Shelepov srl ixbt. The drive’s design didn’t change since the DRUA. In short, it measures quality of audio data extraction and quality of C2 error processing with a special test disc.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. As you can see from the screenshot, it’s still impossible to turn the drive into RPC-1 according to www.

Moreover, it couldn’t detect similar discs recorded on the other drives. The installation caused no problems. But be careful when placing other devices close to it as they can burn. The retail package contains the drive, IDE cable, screws, 2 CDs with software and e-version of the user guide, and several leaflets with useful information. Vibration in case of unbalanced CDs The drive vibrated when it worked with such disc but it managed to finish its reading without errors and at high speed.

Recent Drivers  ST750LM022 HN-M750MBB DRIVER

The drive’s speed can be adjusted with a special utility. Test results DVD recording As usual, we recorded several types of brand-name and non-brand discs.

Sony DRUA DVD Recorder

Video 3Digests Video cards: Below is the burn time for various discs. Such drives are now called DVD Dual. And here you can see how it looks inside. Here is what the CD Speed displays at the attempt to read such disc. In this case it’s impossible to measure C2 processing quality, just look at the general data on quality of audiotrack dr.