Conversely you should not reduce the Gain too much as doing so will result in too much data being condensed into too small a range remember each pixel has a potential 0 to value , and when you process the image later to “stretch” the levels in the image so as to give it more contrast darker blacks and brighter whites , because the data was “flattened” by too little Gain or insufficient Exposure, the intermediate data values result in stepped values as they are stretched out, and this gives what is called an “onion-ring” effect in the final processed image. It should be pointed out here that one of the main reasons for the desirability of the ccd-based cameras is because they are more succeptible to the LE mod a cmos chip will usually white-out from valid signal and noise together in maybe four seconds – not particularly long for DSO work! March 20, at I have one as it happens. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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The expected chips have both been replaced with a single Logitech ball grid array.

Specifications of the Webcam SPCNC/00 | Philips

Higher than 5 FPS usually results in compression being turned on, and this sometimes interferes with the exposure frame being read properly resulting in intermittent black or dropped frames. But then again, I feel hesitant to recommend that method. January 3, at 8: Set the camera to motion detection mode when you leave the house and it will only start recording when movement is detected in the room.

Philips spc900 Sony Philips spc900 chip lower noise 2. First try experimenting with the settings, in particular the Exposure and Gain settings.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Apc900 course you can post-process with imaging software to rotate the picture to the correct position if required. A few months ago, I found an SPCnc at sulit and immediately contacted the seller and purchased philips spc900.

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Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing technology that increases the number of lines and the number of pixels. philips spc900

I’ll definitely be dipping my toes in the imaging pond and am glad there is a range of suitable webcams Frank. Using the flat edge of a screwdriver gently prise the focuser up and out of the camera body this is made easier if the focuser is rotated roughly halfway between maximum and minimum focus. Click on the photo to view full profile. For more sample photos, click phiilips. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Well, sony chips look like there’s a bit missing It has a very good section on determining the correct focal lengthangular field of view and resolution to use.

Hi the pphilips above looks like a Philips Vesta or While point 2 can be dealt with using spc9900 to create a “dark frame map”, which is then subtracted by post-processing the philips spc900, point 1 is absolutely crucial and means that Philips spc900 mounted telescopes such as the Orion Skyquest range are simply incapable of philips spc900 long exposure photos philips spc900, phjlips the Optical Tube is mounted on an Equatorial tripod, or philips spc900 Dobsonian is modified to sit on an equatorially tracking platform, or the Altitude and Azimuth axis’ are motorised.

With the special Philips spc900 Detection feature you can record anything that happens in your home while you’re out. I just received a Logitech Quickcam Pro and it looks like this.

Eteny on Lunar Philips spc900 on July 28,…. Unfortunately this product is no longer available. Too much Gain results in “noise” in the image.

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Be very gentle when moving philips spc900 telescope. Webcasting at broadcast quality This camera is perfect for webcasting thanks to the extremely high quality of the images it takes.

Stars philips spc900 stay still! I am sure pulling it to pry it philips spc900 will work as you and Maneesh have described. You line up the planet in one corner of the webcam screen view, then let go, leaving the scope static, and let the planet drift diagonally across the field of view as the Earth rotates, roughly to the opposite corner. Unfortunately it is unable to control long exposure by a standard USB philips spc900 Serial adaptor, so you have to capture using other software like WxAstrocapture or K3CCDTools, then work in Nebulosity with the image files philips spc900 create.

Get philkps sturdy chair or table philips spc900 philipps the computer on so that it is close enough to work with, and conveniently at your side. When you plan to try the webcam with the telescope, be organised about it. You will see what I mean if you try using the Philips spc900 or Philips webcams with a dob mount – it requires persistance and a lot of patience. The finished lenses are coated with a special film to extend their working life and protect them from wear and tear and dust accumulation.

WxAstrocapture – free software which allows capturing of video or single images from the webcam.