Ha-ha Posted by Eli at November 18, – 5: I won’t explain how here. YUV format output after the. Hello I recently to drive the C channel, the Y component is saved as pgm format picture black no phenomenon, can make your program to send a copy to me? Right now i am stuck with IODeviceControl. In addition s3cx support RGB output.

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A general thoughtthough, is that the simplest solution would be to remotely control your Canon camera through USB, something like this: Pushkar Vaidya I’ve been working on the camera in linux and you need to do some things: Hi, as far as I can see you driver is made for linix 2.

But it’s maybe not so nice if your’e going to be in the room yourself, it’s maybe not so good to constantly look into the IR light. Posted by Glendon at December 05, – 6: BZ familiar with LZ video. The LCD driver do not hurry to write a single picture, write framebuffer have a try, several monochromatic configuration to have no what problem Posted by Meredith at January 14, – 8: And how maximum long exposure time?

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Hello All I am new to this.

Linux under the OV driver in S3C_Linux_Programering

My room is very low-light so I must use long-exposure time. Hi Thank you very much Your answer is helpful for me.

Fclk may be 24Mhz devided by a factor from 1 to By the way, in my vesion of s3ccamera driver you can control this parameter using v4l API: Now make the kernel make Wait for a while, then move the kernel to your mini But it a bad news for me: Dear Paul Thank you so much for your support I’m sorry to reply late.

You can try with a normal remote controller and see if the cam sees it.

Posted by Eva at November 13, – 4: Dear, Thank you for your information: But I’ve some question, please answer to me. Hello LZ I also study the S3C Linux OV driver, also from the pudn looking for a driver spcj, modified for nearly a month, or not good, hope you can help me, send a driver to my study, this one research is too hard, too few data Oh, my mailbox QQ Posted by Eli linuux October 30, – 3: I looked down, ask someone “hope master pointing, save the boy in distress” Solve the end, clap bottom leave Posted by Brian at December 11, – 6: Ha-ha Posted by Eli at November 18, – 5: Right now i am stuck with IODeviceControl.

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Your information is very helpful to me.

Posted by Lareina at November 25, – 5: I won’t explain how here. But you would need to compile a kernel without standard CAM driver or get one from here: I’m using a 2.

drivers/media/i2c/ovc – kernel/msm – Git at Google

Floor pig yangchun to ov96650 the master after clap bottom go, strong BS. Feel the image format is not Posted by William at February 25, – 9: Now, you need to work on the driver to change the camera settings. Vladimir Fonov Reply Search Register Login.