True to Nikon and Applied Science Fiction’s claims, it does indeed appear to do a good job of removing grain without significantly affecting image detail. Finally, Nikon Scan provides eyedropper controls for setting white, gray, and black points directly from the preview image. Automatic Actions – This window controls whether or not the scanner will automatically do a preview scan whenever film is inserted into either a single- or multiple-image adapter, and how many thumbnails to create on multi-image strips of film. This feature can be very useful for working with images that have color casts or unusual lighting. To accommodate such large amounts of data, Nikon Scan uses hard drive space for “scratch memory,” to hold pieces of the image data on a temporary basis. Both of these images were scanned on a Mac, with the sRGB color space chosen. The system of “drawers” used to organize scanning controls in Nikon Scan 2 has been replaced with the much more convenient and intuitive tool palette shown below.

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My personal preference is Nikon Scan 4, and installation is easy.

Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED Film Scanners

On the other hand, this is far from a scientific test, since those portions of the negative corresponded to brighter portions of the original subject, and would therefore be nikon super coolscan 4000, producing a smaller grain pattern anyway. Here’s what they all are: We didn’t have a chance to play with the bulk roll adapter, but it looks like it could be a very interesting gadget for pros and small labs. Its speed, color accuracy, and flexibility make it a worthy companion when bringing old formats into digital, shareable forms.

In particular, the Hue channel control lets you shift a specific color to a different one, without affecting other colors in the image. Eject media, autofocus two optionszoom out, zoom in, and auto-contrast adjust.

Here are the basic steps:. The one limitation is that it nikon super coolscan 4000 supports the primary colors in its channel selections red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellownot the derived luminance channel that can be so handy in critical sharpening operations.


If you can stay within the range of control afforded by the automated options in Nikon Scan 3, the Super Coolscan ED is a very efficient scanner to work with. Overall, the Super Coolscan ED is clearly the most capable nikon super coolscan 4000 we’ve tested to date.

Nikon super coolscan 4000 in; uses standard ICC profiles to color match across input devices. It didn’t seem to make as big a difference as the multi-sample scanning did on the LS Tweaking the scanning controls manually to get the “perfect” scan proved pretty time-consuming depending on how fanatical we got about getting things exactly right, it could be very time-consuming!

The SF auto slide feeder plugs into the Nikon super coolscan 4000 Coolscan ED in the same fashion as other adapters, but its construction requires both devices to rest on their sides.

Despite the inconvenience this introduces to the workflow, and the longer time it takes to perform a scan with the function enabled, the results are well worth it for very dark slides: A maximum-resolution file scanned at 14 bits takes up MB of memory.

This window defaults to the “gamma” adjustment nikon super coolscan 4000 when opened.

Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Analog Gain Control Underexposed slides or dense negatives are a challenge for any film scanner. I produces better output than anything else i have seen at twice nikon super coolscan 4000 price. This is a reduced-size series of crops from a maximum-resolution dpi scan of an Ektachrome “Q60” target.

We were a little suspicious of the claim that image detail wasn’t affected, as it suepr a little too much like magic. Nikon super coolscan 4000 thing we’re particularly sensitive to in testing high-end desktop scanners is overall throughput.

In general, the scan times we measured were quite a bit longer than Nikon’s stated specs for the unit.


Nikon Super Coolscan ED Specs – CNET

The MA 35mm mounted-slide feeder couldn’t be much simpler. Since we don’t have any methodology niko evaluating color management systems, we didn’t experiment with Nikon Scan’s color management options.

Nikon super coolscan 4000 this resolution level, Digital ICE can correct most, but not all of the defects. The system of “drawers” used to organize scanning controls in Nikon Scan 2 has been replaced with the much 44000 convenient and intuitive tool palette shown below.

You need to watch the histogram display in the “Curves” window though, to be sure you don’t lose important highlight detail in the process.

Preferences Window Accessed via the “pref” button on nikon super coolscan 4000 main control panel, the preferences window shown below allows you to control many of the most basic scanning characteristics. Nikon Scan will ask you where to store the images and what to call them.

In the end, Digital ROC technology will always restore some of the original color, despite extensive color deterioration.

By just about every measure resolution, image sharpness, dynamic range, features, or accessoriesthe Super Coolscan raises the bar for desktop scanners.

At other times, however, we were just manipulating the curves and controls to achieve a particular color balance, and the process seemed to take quite a bit longer than should have been necessary. This window lets you control the nikon super coolscan 4000, spacing, and marking of that grid. For shorter film strips nioon strips nikon super coolscan 4000 don’t load properly in the SA there is also the FH-3 strip film holder that is used manually with the MA