Do not place objects filled with liquids, such as beverages or vases, on or near the products. Use the type of power source indicated on the product. This type of network is often used when only two computers or devices are being connected, when a broadband Internet connection will not be shared, or when the connection to another computer is intended to be temporary. Creating a Computer-to-Computer Ad Hoc Network If you do not want to use a base station, you can set up a computer-to-computer ad hoc network to share files between computers that have wireless adapters. If you have a non-Microsoft base station, gateway, or router, use the network utility that came with your base station. If you are setting up an adapter on a computer that is already connected to a network over Ethernet, disconnect your computer from the network.

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Several troubleshooting steps addressing these issues are listed below, with solutions to netwprking most common problems listed first. If you are having mucrosoft accessing a file or folder on another computer, it may be because the permissions for that file limit your ability to see it over the network.

Unplug the products during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. General Electrical Precautions As with many other electrical devices, failure to take the following microsoft broadband networking mn-710 can result in serious injury from electric shock, or fire, or damage to the Microsoft Broadband Networking products.

Where any term of this Limited Warranty is prohibited by such laws, it shall be null and void, but the remainder of broacband Limited Warranty shall remain in full force and effect. Use your antivirus microsoft broadband networking mn-710 to scan all floppy disks before copying or netwoking files from them, or before starting your computer from them.


If the computer is using Simple File Sharing in Windows XP, files are either shared to everyone or not shared microsoft broadband networking mn-710 all, and permissions cannot be modified. To check if your computer supports USB 2.

To browse the Web, each computer must have a Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer installed. In other words, a shared file should be accessible from another computer.

You can make sure that the driver for the networked printer has been installed on a computer by checking the Printers item in Control Panel. Your workgroup name appears in the Workgroup box.

Microsoft Wireless G USB Adapter (MN) Windows Drivers, Utility | Wireless Drivers

For a list of specific programs and the ports necessary to run them, see the Support section of the Broadband Networking Web site at www. Note If you want to work with shared files on a computer that does not have the Broadband Network Utility installed, you can use Network Neighborhood or My Network Places in Windows instead. Some intranets offer access to the Internet. I am having problems running a networked program or multiplayer game on my network or the Internet.

Another common cause microsoft broadband networking mn-710 Internet connection problems is disconnected cabling. An access point is not as sophisticated a device as a base microsoft broadband networking mn-710 gateway or router. Turn on file and printer sharing on the computer that contains the file you want to share.

A network of two or more microsoft broadband networking mn-710 that connect directly with one another. To join an available network in the Windows XP operating system 1.


To upgrade software 1. This is important because the Setup Wizard will help detect your current settings and configure your new Microsoft Broadband Networking adapter.

To determine if a device has one of these features, check the documentation for that device. Please contact your manufacturer directly for support. Problems connecting more micorsoft one computer to an online application simultaneously. If the computer is not using Simple File Sharing recommendedclick the Security tab to check and modify permissions for each user accessing the folder.

Insert the Adapter into Your Computer When the Setup Wizard prompts you to connect your wireless microsoft broadband networking mn-710, do one of the following: If you mmicrosoft a Microsoft base station set up on your network, you can use the Base Station Management Tool.

Make sure that the network protocols necessary to run microsoft broadband networking mn-710 games that you want are installed on each computer on your network. View the status of your network in the Broadband Network Utility. You may find helpful information about interference issues at the following FCC Web site: Position the computer with the wireless adapter in the same room as your base micrsooft and try connecting again.

MN710 Broadband Wireless USB2.0 Adapter User Manual Users Manual Microsoft Corporation

The packaging lists system requirements for your Microsoft Broadband Networking adapter and software. Limitations on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation and Disassembly. Finding Answers to Common Problems