Last time I tried it edgy would not reload. I havent been able to find one that let’s me get my sound going after suspend though. Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly. My bro wants to buy an hp desktop but wants to makre sure first that it will work with ubuntu. Now it doesn’t work, added myself to the audio group but it’s still not working. When unhibernating, I noticed that if you disable usplash, you can see how far it’s gotten in restoring. Pollywog, tried playing stuff, shows it’s playing, no sound, crank up the volume in it.

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Now the ubuntu line in the boot. I had this problem before, and it worked in windows. Is there a way to change your screen resolution from the command line.

But do try parted or gparted, it’s quite hard to do something wrong with those. I assume it might help to say that Ubuntu is on the slave drive. I had a question earlier I would probably have scripted it morem of piping it fifteen times. I wonder where I should post this info?


Ambient Md8820

I’ll mess with the other direction later. You should always check with the card manufacturer first before attempting file edits like that. That way lies insanity and many long nights. When I try to blacklist my Wifi drivers using the “sudo echo blacklist That is what I did, but it gave me a ton of mdoem and not founds.

Pcchips Md V7 5 |Driver

Should I do it? How do I boot in mc8820 mode. I got responces to begin with, now nothing. Sorry, I don’t know anything about acrobat reader – try searching on http: Sorry, I don’t know anything about gmes – try searching on http: And it prompts you for your password and stuff? But sed is smaller and thus faster on small batches than perl.

I’ve really got to learn regexps better, they’re so damn useful.

I know windows will start though, because it is installing it: By the way, I’ve already installed ubuntu on omdem hd, now it’s just reinstall: Well that’s it though, it also can’t access the internet after ubuntu. The dvd edition has MUCH more available then normal cd. The F4 boot menu doesn’t help Please don’t use public away messages or change your nick to ‘someone away’.


Intel E220882 Ethernet Driver

Can someone please tell me how to restart alsa, I keep getting a device is busy error. If anyone knows anything about belkin routers and NAT. Modeem the dpkg command to remove a package I used -i to install. Is there any migration tools I could use? It is a fresh install of Ubuntu. I’ll take a bet on the workgroup tihngy. Just wondering if there’s a package for the Django project available for Ubuntu? I keep getting device is busy!

I was using the windows boot loader. I am now running Ubuntu: