Basically your bios is trying to boot from the drive before your native hard drive. I just bought a maxtor personal storage , GB hard drive and I am having this exact same problem. You can thank Google that I am here to bother you with a question, but you seem quite up on the technology here! I did not have to partition the disc into sections. After I quick search, I found this tool.

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The power light is on and Maxtor basics personal storage 3200 tried it with different USB leads and on two computers. Creative Commons Creative Commons License. If your TiBook doesn’t match those specs, that could be why you ran into problems. Gillian July 23, at Change your boot up order sstorage your bios.

You may recall I did a review of the Maxtor Personal Storage external hard drive and I gave it high marks, but I’ve since discovered a couple of things you should be aware of:. Jay July 04, at Just one question for you. Thanks again persomal the comment.

I can still use the drive but only after booting up the pc. Then I hooked it to my G4 TiBook and lost it! Technically this is correct.


Maxtor Basics Personal Storage GB USB External Hard Drive is – Microsoft Community

Thanks again for writing. I’ve lots of photographs I need to recover from it. It explains how to do this.

Robbi July 29, at I just bought a maxtor personal storageGB hard drive and Maxtor basics personal storage 3200 am having this exact same problem. Glad you liked it. You need to disable USB booting or at least set it to be the 2nd choice instead of the the 1st boot drive.

Only time will tell, I guess.

Cathy Baxter July 08, storabe Have exactly the same discovery as you i. Basically it just maxtor basics personal storage 3200 windows is on the drive and its trying to boot from it as when its plugged in it is probably listed before your hard drive in the boot up order of your bios.

I found it really helpful.

The Buyer’s Guide

Scroll down for the download link and follow the instructions. I’ll post again if I can figure maxtor basics personal storage 3200 how to fix this maxtor basics personal storage 3200 It is now an ‘unknown device’ and the driver cannot be found or updated. When I reformat the drive with disk utility, do I need to first partition the drive into segments less than 32MB?


If it is supposed to be compatible, they should be able to baasics you resolve whether you have a faulty drive or there is some other issue at play here. Mahalo nui loa for your time and consideration!

Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 External USB Hard Drive

I tried the link included in the post and I keep getting a server error message. But maxtor basics personal storage 3200 reason I am writing to you is to ask bqsics I can get the same info from a question posted on Feb 21, They should be able to help you with that one.

Ben Kimball May 29, at And if so, can you share with me again how to accomplish this?