I was about ready to pop a cold one and relax for the first time in days, when it became clear that although I could successfully use P2 Viewer to view, as well as transfer footage quickly to the HD via “P2 Ingester”, when I tried to then format the P2 card via the P2 Card Property menu item in “Tools” – Disaster!! I checked some of the laptops that were originally suggested with these specs, but many have been discontinued. If I get a chance, I will update the list with approximate weights wherever I know and post. I’m not sure if this will help anyone else, but after alot of time off and on looking at the best solutions for P2 workflow, and workflow in general I came up with the following: One concern worth mentioning is the amount of heat that can build up below the palm rest after the computer has been powered up for about an hour. I did a disk image backup of the old

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Graphics card and RAM and all that shouldn’t matter all that much, unless you want to be able to play the footage back in the field using P2 Viewer; in that case you’d want a dual-core and a good accelerated graphics card. I don’t want to spend ‘s of dollars on some transfer device. When compared to other Lenovo laptops, the X61 recharges lneovo battery extremely fast. Discussion in ‘ Lenovo ‘ started by tallshortyApr 20, Just for the record, everyone: Nevermind, I got my answer.


I’ve had no trouble offloading P2 cards using it. What is a PCD2? I have Sony Vegas 7.

ProfessorShredApr 20, Front view of X61s and X61 view large image. You could connect the Lenovo to the MBP via ethernet to transfer the files when it’s time to edit them, or just have the Lenovo transfer directly to an external USB drive, which you could plug into the MBP for editing. I tried downloading the P2 drivers from Panasonic but it doesn’t show up in my Applications after going through all the steps.

I have a G4 Powerbook that’s about four years old. I have not yet used one of these but reports are that it works well- I plan to try it. Lenlvo videoed it and emailed it to a tech This P2 business is making my wallet very very slim, but I’m very thankful for all this info that’s being shared. Toshiba Tecra A9 series, M9 series So it hits every lenvo on your list, except that the screen isn’t 17″. Anybody have any hands-on experiences?


IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T61 PCMCIA Card Cage Board 42X3830

Weighs less then a Mac book and it even runs Premiere and edits HD! We’ve been running two acer travel mates now for two years they’ve been globe trotting alsowith edius etc.

Awesome, Cherry, you’re talking about the Acer Extensa I posted right? Do not accept, “Well, I can’t find that information Log in or Sign up. Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone.

X61s has real ExpressCard or PCMCIA ? – Thinkpads Forum

Please report feedback to mika at grml. Henrique de Moraes Holschuh Does P2 Viewer work with Windows 7?

I heard people using that name but I had never seen one before. From a PC standpoint, I bought Macdrive http: Toshiba Qosmio G45 Build quality is 2 nd to none, and it shows with the very precise quiet clicks that each key press gives as feedback.

Resizing the windows partition. The power adapter is 65w model, measuring 4.