Analog output channels— AOChannel class. It also greatly simplifies programming such applications. The different instances of the function allow for the type of generation analog or digital , the number of virtual channels, the number of samples, and the data type to be selected. You cannot instantiate an instance of the DaqStream class directly. An NI-DAQmx virtual channel consists of a physical channel on a DAQ device and the configuration information for this physical channel, such as input range and custom scaling. The snippet above configures the device to look on PFI 0 for a rising digital edge trigger.

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NI-DAQmx Properties provide access to all of the properties associated with a data acquisition operation. Counter output channels— COChannel class. One of the ways NI-DAQmx saves development time is by providing an API that requires only a small number of functions to expose the majority of its functionality.

For example, an input is required to specify the physical channels analog input and analog outputlines digitalor counter that the virtual channel s will use.

The snippet above configures the device to look on PFI 0 for a rising digital edge trigger. After creating a Task object and a Channel, you can add a trigger to the task by calling the methods within the Task. Digital input channels— DIChannel class. After instanting a new Task object, creating and assigning an AIChannel object is done by calling the appropriate member function in the Channel class.


For operations that require sample timing analog input, analog output, and counterthe Sample Clock instance of the NI-DAQmx Timing function sets both the source of the sample clock, which could be an internal or external source, and its rate.

Getting Started with NI-DAQmx: Main Page

These classes are used as subobjects of the Task class. Important product and driver updates Calibration labviea to keep your hardware in compliance Notifications about warranty expiration Simplified asset management for all your products on ni.

Prev Choose a Platform. This programming pattern is similar to the pattern used throughout the. As noted above in the Timing section, many properties are set from within subclasses and collections inside of laabview Task object.

The data acquisition applications you build using NI-DAQmx benefit from an architecture designed to maximize performance.

Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of Your Data Acquisition Applications

A start trigger initiates an acquisition or generation. To start a task use the Start function in the Task object.

Most counter operations do not require sample timing because the signal being measured provides the timing. In the following figure, DAQ Assistant is configured to perform a finite strain measurement. Handshaking uses an exchange of request and acknowledge timing signals with an external device to transfer each sample. Back to Top 2.

To achieve this synchronization, trigger signals must be routed between the different functional areas of a single device and between multiple devices. Then, the source of the sample clock is read. Then call a method on the reader class labviw read the data, as shown in the following snippet:.


The following code snippet shows its use for an internal clock running at hz. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Finally, the active edge of the sample clock is set. Counter input channels— CIChannel class. Dqmx take a moment to register your NI products to receive:.

To begin taking advantage of these benefits, you only need to learn a xaqmx functions. After rebooting your computer or adding new hardware to your system, you may see the NI Product Registration Wizard appear. Furthermore, since the number of samples per channel input has been wired to a constant value of 10, each time the VI executes it will read 10 samples from each virtual channel.

NI-DAQmx and LabVIEW Compatibility – National Instruments

A code snippet of its use follows to read samples from a single channel. You need to learn how daaqmx use only a single set of functions to be able to program most National Instruments data acquisition hardware in multiple programming environments. A reference trigger establishes the location in a set of acquired samples where pretrigger data ends and posttrigger data begins. When a task is not specified, the labfiew creates a task.