Each sound can be changed in real time, plus you can edit your own sounds and save them.. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. In fact, the basic sounds are pretty average overall, but with the 5 insert effects plus two master effects and the overall effect, you get something really good Those of you familiar with Korg’s architecture will know that sounds can be played in either single Program mode, or combined Combi modes, with the latter letting you split sounds across the keyboard or create stacks for extra power. I looked at the Korg Kross a little more complete audio recording and a normal keyboard but 2 times more expensive! As for editing sounds, there is great, with the software of course

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Please note, we do not do miracles on the small screen: I believe that all opinions agree.

Intuitive and immediate yet deep when required. To supplement what has already microstaion said We rather suspect, though, that the microStation is here to stay. Enter the microStation – Korg’s latest addition to both its workstation and micro ranges, which promises to do all of the above and more besides.

For instance, if you use the one on the left to control cutoff and move this towards a low setting, if you then arrow down to use the same dial to control the amount of effects send and turn this right up, when you return to cutoff, the sound will open to super-bright the moment you touch this dial again, as its physical position is now at maximum.

The interface is very easy to understand and going through your sounds are easy. If there had to be a compromise here, we’d have preferred an octave fewer notes in favour of full-size keys but, as gripes go, it’s by no means a deal-breaker.

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That said, a full software editor will be available from Korg shortly which should make life easier still. Here’s a synth sound with various real-time parameter tweaks. Write a user review Ask for a microshation review. The keyboard is small but not unpleasant.


I shall be happy to play with just AC. The internal sequencer is capable of playing back up to 16 tracks of notes and one master track containing tempo and time signature data, which can be collectively saved to one of songs. Even the pdf manual is sometimes very elliptical. At first it al look super complicated then grip after a few days, the use avere s easy enough for the complexity of the beast and the smallness of the screen that a good faith aqui absolutely not interfere in anything.

The Korg Microstation is very affordable, it is a 61 key synth that has full MIDI capabilities and professional sounding presets that are ready to go.

Fortunately there is a very good video on youtube Manual Korg! If the latter sounds more like you, you’ll find a dedicated Loop button which cycles around an area of your choosing, while the Grid Seq button activates a running light style sequencer to allow you to create basslines, beats or sequence patterns on the fly, which can then comprise one of the instruments in your track.


Of course, I am very happy with this choice that opens new horizons for months, perhaps years to come I would do without this choice problem, unless they did the same with the possibility of “audio in” to sample the voice samples.

That is the chapter on “Using the user” I am a bit harsh but I really pissed off, as if this keyboard was designed to offer Noel nephew, hoping that it does has no desire to go beyond pum-ta-pum-pum Next to the Audition button you’ll find the in-built arpeggiator.

Cons Hands up who likes mini keys? That was a huge deal with me because most of the similar models that I have used in the past did not have a sequencer on it. We couldn’t find a way to switch the microStation to relative mode, so hopefully this might be something for Korg to address in a future firmware update.

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Each sound can be changed in real time, plus you can edit your own sounds and save them. When you’ve found the section you want to edit, a further click ‘right’ takes you into that area, with the editable parameters in each section again selectable up and down. The Fender Rhodes, on the other hand are very nice and very realistic The news gets better though, as microStation actually features dual arpeggiators, meaning that two completely independent arpeggiation patterns can play at once, so you can either layer a synth sequence with an accompanying pad, for example, or split the keyboard in Combi mode and assign a pattern to a bass and another to a lead.


This also applies to the internals that can use both arpeggiators within its arrangements. Each sound features an Audition riff and these can be the spark for some great ideas. To aid the process of sound selection and to introduce you to the capabilities of the real-time korrg, each sound features its own Audition riff user-selectable from a huge list of alternatives which immediately korgg it playing a sequence or phrase that can then be manipulated, which is a great place to start and microstaion leads to interesting composition ideas too.

SOUNDS The only 2 cons for me is that 1 you need to connect it to the laptop and use the editor for advanced edition since the display is very small, but I understand that is also related to the price, and if you want more you have the M or the M After, as this is only the second keyboard I have before I had the roland SK I can not say it’s better than this What becomes clear straight away is that several types of arrangement can be created with the sequencer, whether you want to hit record and build up a multitimbral ‘song style’ arrangement, ,icrostation whether you’re more interested in building short looped phrases which kogr can then expand out to a fully-fledged track or use to spin into a DJ set, for example.