While some digicam owners have experimented with slave-triggered external strobes, the DC’s ability to control the lens aperture independently puts its flash capabilities into an entirely different league. Aside from its superficial bulk every little aspect of the camera is pin-point perfect. Changing Focus The Brownies. Submit a News Tip! We have some hope of getting the USB ports working by the time we receive our production sample of the ‘, so hope to be able to report on the blazing speed of this interface at that time. Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, You can then scroll your viewing window smoothly around the larger image file by using the rocker-switch like a joystick.

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Standard RS serial port technology is beginning to show its age badly in digital camera applications, simply taking too long to move the Kbyte files that koak become common. This is a feature which the gone-but-not-forgotten EpixPro camera Chip Shop March introduced three years ago.

Overall, the DC is a powerful handful, both literally and figuratively. Over 17, pictures from all over the globe. First impressions of the DC are good. A script enables users to customise the camera, automating picture capture and handling routines. For longer-interval exposures, the camera will appear to power-down between shots, but will wake back up again when its time for the next frame.

A while after this review was first written, Kodak offered us an opportunity to interview two members of the DC’s engineering team! I’m still glad I started with it though.


The viewfinder also has the desirable characteristic of being relatively insensitive to lateral eye position: The lens is dc2600 prone to flare. Contributors to this site agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual licence to publicly display submissions on this web site and in any publication produced by this web site.

With Kodak’s smooth digital zoom, you also needn’t trade off any more resolution than needed to make your shot. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page! I have used much newer cameras with more megapixels that couldn’t do that!!! The Kodak DC50 featured a 3: Scripts can instruct the camera to take quick fire bursts of images, bracket exposures, automatically include images in web pages or other documents or prompt an operator through a pre-defined picture taking routine.

Picture-Taking Controls top panel When you’re actually taking pictures with the camera, you probably don’t want to be d260 fiddling with complicated back-panel dx260, menus, and buttons. This can be particularly vexing in the case of flash photography, where a very low level of ambient light is kodai, and in all probability irrelevant to the exposure anyway. Show More Show Less.

With deep roots in conventional photography, Kodak’s digital cameras have reflected a clear sense that what people want to do with digital cameras is take pictures. Unfortunately the lens is not critically sharp when zoomed in at wide apertures. Sc260 the one of the first two cameras incorporating the “Digita” camera operating system and scripting language the other being its little brother the DCthe DC opens up new capabilities for modifying the camera’s behavior to suit specific applications and worfklows.


Kodak DC DC260 1.6MP Digital Camera

You cycle through kovak representing each of these by pressing the “Scroll” button, and choose settings for each by pressing the “Select” button until the correct value appears. Articles lacking sources from May All articles lacking sources.

I do a lot of shooting of my daughter’s indoor basketball games, and have mixed success with this camera.

A new album can also be created at the same time. You can then scroll your viewing window smoothly around the larger image file by using the rocker-switch like a joystick. It’s great camera when used within it’s limitations.

Kodak DC Series – Wikipedia

Kodai posted extensive comments about the DC test results on the pictures page. Watermark Both the and its little brother the provide a unique customization option, that of “watermarking” images. This was my first digital camera and is outstanding in many ways: In our case, our elderly Pentium machine lacks any IrDA capability at all, and its grafted-on USB ports were misbehaving as we “went to press” with this review.

Once everything’s set, press the shutter button the rest of the way to take the picture. Probably mid- to late-July,