In addition, it can be difficult to perform complex tasks with a trackball that are fairly easy with something like the Apple Magic Mouse. The necessary gesture feels a bit awkward at first, but it works better in practice than the old ring. Get more ergonomic tips like this in your inbox Subscribe to our mailing list and get personalized ergonomics tips direct to your email inbox. I prefer the scroll ring on the Expert with the magnet removed , but the lower and flatter profile of the Slimblade is much easier on my hands. When first released, the SlimBlade lacked the customizability that one might expect from a high end trackball, but that was fixed after a year or so with the release of new TrackballWorks software. The shop offered me a Kensington Orbit with scroll wheel as an exchange device. The engineering enhancements and more wrist-friendly design make it a good choice for trackball enthusiasts.

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Like kurplop said, I like the switches better on the Expert. I don’t think you can go wrong.

It’s got a really smooth feel to it, as I find it extremely easy to move around with the mouse. Its so intuitive and became sort of muscle memory within seconds of initial use.

You’ve been using them in custom trays or even keyboards, though; you obviously have figured it out. I replaced the stock armrests on my Leap chair with new rests padded with 3 layers slimbladde yoga mat and a comfortable cover. Luckily, Kensington gives us the answer in the form of kesnington SlimBlade.


SLIMBLADE TRACKBALL – Kensington SlimBlade Trackball – Audiofanzine

The advantage of this design characteristic is that dirt and other debris can’t build up slimbblade the well and impede the ball’s motion—it requires less cleaning than the Expert Mouse. Remplir la fiche technique. Ryan Paul Ryan is an Ars editor emeritus in the field of open source, and and still contributes regularly.

Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse. You must login or create an account to comment. When the recent death of my well-used Expert Mouse compelled me to revisit the Slimblade, I discovered that the product’s software deficiencies have been corrected. When you remove the ball, you can see straight through to your desk. The EM also has 4 buttons that allow 6 assignable functions which is nice.

Snarfangel Thread Starter Posts: Some have complained that the SlimBlade involves more wrist movement than the Expert due to the low profile design. The Slimblade is much better for those who have extension issues.

While the EM scroll ring is nice, it is somewhat scratchy compared to the smooth rotating ball on the SB. Afficher la traduction automatique. I find that it works best when I use my first and second fingers rather than using my thumb and first finger.

As a result, I found the tracking to be the best in class — simply outstanding. He manages developer relations at Montage Studio. I’m not too happy about the glossy surface and a bit cheap switches, but I’ll just mod it as soon as tackball out of warranty.


Trackballl makes the housing feel more seamless, but the downside is that it’s a bit harder to click near the outside corners. La Kensington SlimBlade Trackball est une souris unique pour une utilisation avec n’importe quel ordinateur.

Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse Review

This is the best trackball on the market, with the Kensington Expert a close second. The top two buttons on the Slimblade don’t emit normal button signals when they are pressed.

It’s so comfortable that the only time I think about it is when someone mentions arm support. Trackballs have a number of advantages over a traditional mouse. It was especially problematic for left-handed users who wanted to be able to swap the right and left click buttons. If you are not doing intensive graphic design work or tasks involving a similar level of precision, the SlimBlade is a fantastic alternative to a traditional mouse that just might save your wrists!

Don’t worry about the spinning ball affecting the cursor: With that said, the wired USB connection is not as big a deal with trackballs, as the base does not move. It also foregoes the trackwheel in favor of using the trackball as the primary input for both scrolling and panning.

The same principles of proper mousing apply when using a trackball.