Now you can set your preferred functions or keyboard shortcuts for each trackball button or combination of buttons, adjust the pointer speed and acceleration, and so much more. It is a dual-mode wireless device which can connect either via a USB nano dongle 2. I’ve been living in Switzerland for a long time, and I know there is a substantial markup here, but that is just completely ridiculous. Last 2 things I will try, is a different keyboard, or maybe buy a new wired expert mouse, just to see In any case I will look into upgrading my TrackballWorks to 3.

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Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball

Good luck with the TrackballWorks update! Live chat by BoldChat. Sign In Sign Up.

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Bob Edited May 26, by RGyori grammar! Ask a question Reset. Ilike youhave to unplug then plug back in my mouse to get Trackball works to recognize the mouse. Hasn’t happened often enough to warrant further investigation kensinbton me. Plus, keep all your apps updated.


Thanks for the profile suggestions and replying to my post. First of all you should note the OS mokse VW versions you are using in your signature In any case I will look into upgrading my TrackballWorks to 3.

Next time, install Kensington Trackball Mouxe Easy, accurate, flawless. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. A new Raspberry Pi competitor is due out soon with a more powerful processor made for a tight budget.

Or is this just another glitch in High Sierra to go with the thousands of others I’m dealing with. Therefore, I think the source of the name is clear: Best of all, by allowing you to personalize your trackball experience, TrackballWorks makes your trackball work the way you do.

It is a dual-mode wireless device which mluse connect either via a USB nano dongle 2.

To no rhyme or reason that I have been able to determine. Is there a better alternative to Kensington TrackballWorks?

Tiny Android, Linux laptop: I honestly prefer the ring on this new trackball. I just updated my OS and Trackball works after this problem started. Here’s the iPad Pro that professionals really want.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. TrackballWorks allows you to program your Trackball to behave how you want it to by customizing the keensington assigned to each Trackball button.


Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball | ZDNet

The mystery command that two Kensington tech support kesnington said didn’t exist. To do this with xmodmap the command would be:. Then you probably want to give the best gifts, too, right? I use TrackballWorks version 1. I have updated my trackball works software, uninstalled and reinstalled, also called VectorWorks tech support which confirmed it was not a VectorWorks issue.

Google’s Pixel Slate tablet now available for pre-order. The result is a more productive and truly personalized computing experience. Thannes, Yes, I too have this same issue. Physically, it has a large, easy-to-use ball, which is surrounded by a scroll ring, and four large buttons.