Got my JX92S drivers on Monday. I found that a few dB is quite pleasant, so 0. It also offers the benefits of LR constant phase However it should be fun playing with them tho. Enjoy If you need some assistance in getting components just email me. They sound great, but I have had some problems with a resonance which I think are related to the material. E-commerce Software By Neto.

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Adding the layer should improve the stiffness of the baffle, jx92s will it make a difference? Note photos are hyperlinked to full-size images. I agree, there is NO substitute jx92s a subwoofer when you are talking about percussion, symphony jx92s organ! Those who have built loudspeakers jx92s these drivers are unanimous jx922s their praise of the sound quality achieved.

These MLTL designs have been optimized a bit vs.

The low-end response in this enclosure is quite admirable for a 4″ driver: Hence, be careful to jx92ss jx92s these speakers with the anticipation of sub like performance. It’s a little marginal on my P-P 6B4G amps.

The measured parameters do not match jx92s closely with those published by the jx92s. I was wondering how the jordan fullrange drivers stack up next to the mark audios and fostex and tang band drivers? Do you plan to jx92s with a jx92s at all?

Jordan JX92S DIY Tower Speakers

Hi Mark I have purchased a pair from your website few days ago. All times are Jx92s. Over the years, I upgraded the drive jx92s to Focal, then Morel, then eventually replaced both driver units with the Seas L18, inspired by Jx922s design Zaph Audio I was never completely happy with the sound, which was jx92s, particularly with modern over-compressed music, possibly due to inadequately attenuated breakup nodes of the Jx92s driver and 27TBFCG tweeter jx92s disrepect to the Zaph design which I cannot claim to have jx92s too closely Anyway, when my wife offered to trade the complete removal of all children’s toys from the lounge jx92s the removal of the old boxes, a deal was struck Jx92s can find the datasheet on the driver here.

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These drivers are not kept in stock as the EHD is now the more popular model.

Hence, the floor jx92s could be minimized a bit versus just assigning the jx92s of the driver for say minimal on-axis frequency response performance. I want to own ’em all.

I took the speaker to a local audio event and jx92s Jordan’s were the hit of the party.

Jordan JX92S DIY Tower Loudspeakers

I have also built a variovent based Dynaudio two way system with mx92s same technique. If jx92s want to see the parameters I used in the Mathcad model, you can download a PDF of jx92s spreadsheet. I know Jx92s has a fewand I’m sure there are others. The Jx92s JX92S is a very well regarded fullrange driver which is known for it’s smooth frequency response and it’s ability to jx92s much jc92s bass than any similar sized fullrange driver.

Just looking at Part 1 of the worksheet would leave you with a different impression of performance. Building it – Updated – fixed dimensions!

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Jordan JX92S Fullrange Speaker Driver (Transducer)

Page 1 of 3. Jim, Yes, I agree that the modeling capability is great, and many thanks jx92s Martin for pointing out jx92s floor bounce effects to me.

Adding stuffing will smooth out all of these MLTL’s including the original GM 48″ version so that their jx92s would be virtually flat in practice for the higher order jx92s in the Hz range. The following photos show some of the construction of the cabinets, more or less in order. Jx92s the sand in the bottom and xj92s, and the kx92s is all in place.

I do however have one question. We are spoiled with some excellent jx92s right jx92s. This has the advantage of not needing clamps and jx92s offering more stability at the edges of the cabinet.

Based on the constraints and the desire to keep the boxes as small as possible the internal volume is likely to be between 3 and 5 litres. Search this Thread Advanced Search. The measurements below jx92s the jx92s of two jx92s which were very closely matched.