Hence why they say the glasses aren’t compatible with anyone else. But if you want to use nvidia’s 3D driver rather than iz3D’s 3D driver , you’ll need to get a set of active shutter glasses. This puts all the technology into the driver and the monitor and leaves the glasses free of anything like batteries or receivers. But it free and works. The Hz LCD panels aren’t special beyond the fact that that they can actually display a higher refresh rate than 60Hz panels.

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However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet! PaulMar 26, The experience with iZ3D is not as pleasant. Note that our photobox is clearly visible in the reflection The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective.

iZ3D debuts polarized 3D glasses, announces DirectX 10 driver

Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes starts with a white screen. Imagine having a single object and instead of seeing two different images one with each eye you saw four different images both the left and right view in both eyes. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Be aware that the shutter glasses sterwo has a slightly different architecture, and it is more buggy with video games than the other version because many of the profile updates and other fixes are not yet included. Bob Raikes is the Founder of Meko Ltd.

Stereo 3D on ATI non Iz3D

The iZ3D 3D monitor solution includes: The fact that this solution includes passive glasses that don’t require any line of sight with a transmitter and never need to be charged along with the ability to use ATI graphics cards made stere really want to like this solution. The wizard takes you through ten steps of looking and adjusting various aspects of the image, and for a novice to step in and pick this up without getting frustrated is asking way too much.


ArtificialIntelligence is an important part of what’s next in futurecomputing and was a vital topic at Immersed Neil talked about GetImmersedStudents Night… https: PaulMar 6, The TV flashes each frame two times.

The sfereo has been at the forefront in developing robust drivers for the entire 3D gaming community. Unfortunately, games with high contrast and varied tonality don’t translate as well.

iZ3D debuts polarized 3D glasses, announces DirectX 10 driver

With iZ3D’s solution, two display outputs must be connected to the monitor, but 3D Vision only requires one. The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective. Rollo2Mar 8, Both approaches require that games do a better job of accommodating stereoscopic viewing, but even disregarding resulting anomalies there are some issues we have that really get in the way.

One time with the left eye pixels blacked out. The bottom line, however, is that NVIDIA’s approach draws exactly what should be shown to the left eye on one frame and then stereeo what should be shown to the right eye on the next. Simple clip on filters can 3dd added over top of existing eye wear izd easily.


This is because it is not possible to display the entire range of colors to both eyes at the same time using iZ3D’s polarization technology. For one th of a second, the right lens is clear and the left is black, and for the next th of a second, the right lens is black and the left is clear.

Filters can be used to either allow polarized light to pass through or to block it out. Hello, I’m new here and this is my first post.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. PaulMar 4, Most recently, iZ3D has introduced a stereoscopic viewing system that makes use of an actively polarized monitor and passive glasses in order to bring simple and easy to use stereoscopic viewing to the masses without the color stsreo associated with anaglyph. Dirt 2 and Aliens vs Predator crashes ain DX The second has a new architecture to work with most Hz LCD panels and LCD shutter glasses, but is very experimental at this stage and is more of a stepping stone to a future product release.

It rapidly alternates left and right eye views. About their comment about their glasses not being compatible with other devices: