I cannot sign in to my Skype account using S The S comes pre-loaded with Skype, so all you need to have is access to a wireless network connection and a Skype ID to start using the device. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Send us your question. How do I create an ad-hoc wireless network for the S? Make sure your computer will not enter Sleep mode while you are upgrading the firmware. I vastly enjoyed its ease of use with the exception of setting up the wireless connection, and would have much preferred WiFi built-in since the dongle just takes up more counter space.

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Fixed the invalid number problem which may occur when dialing in some nations This firmware upgrade also contains modifications in the past upgrades as follows.

Here is one such scenario. Your ipevo skype phone might be one of the following two models from other companies. The recording function works not only in Skype-to-Skype calls, but also for Skype calls to mobiles, landlines and international calls.

IPEVO SOLO Skype Desktop Phone

In addition, S was originally designed to be ekype in private, indoor locations such as homes and offices. Read these notes before you begin: User Manual – PDF Upgrade your S firmware. Ipevo skype phone settings are gone whenever my battery drains completely. Send us your question.


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Ipevo skype phone, as long as ksype location is within range of a secure or open wireless network. Hi very ipevo skype phone write up … but I need one question … can a call from one caller be transferred to another caller. Your friend is having a Skype call with another friend of yours. The upgrade procedure takes a number of steps to complete.

Power S off if it is powered on. Firmware upgrade will reset all your user settings in S, such as wireless AP and its password.

The LCD screen now always turns off according to the Time out setting, including when the battery is being charged.

Reduces the amount of echo noise which might affect call quality in some cases. Setting the country code allows you to dial numbers inside that country without prefixing the country code when you are using Skype Ipevo skype phone. I am looking at buying ipevo skype phone skype phone at the moment.

Although these two devices and S share the similar structure and functionalities, they are not compatible with each other. My computer selects FR If it does, we ipevo skype phone that you work with your Internet Service Provider to resolve the situation.


Apart from using FR S does not support web browsing, and therefore cannot access Wi-Fi hotspots that require web-based login or authentication. Is the S only for registered Skype users? To unlock the keypad, folllow these steps: Can I instruct my computer to use ipevo skype phone FR The logo test warning message appears when you are trying to install a driver not fully updated for the OS. Record once, and use it everywhere. After entering in all the necessary network info I found myself tapping my foot.

Fixed the Ringing problem: You may try adjusting ipevo skype phone volume using the volume key. However, since the Wi-Fi phone for Skype does phoen have ipevo skype phone web browsing capabilities, it will not be able to access Wi-Fi hotspots that require web-based login or authentication.

From now on, only Skype calls will be handled pphone your FR From the same settings menu, select a different type of ringtone.