Multiple characters are also supported: Could probably escape the characters or replace with others in the plugin code with a bit of work – if no solution. Hi Hard to troubleshoot individual devices. Now everything is working well for me. Where you want text displayed you enter:

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Be aware when you need to troubleshoot. In this case – “Title”. I thought I write a short guide to spare this for ijon newbees like me.

The LCD has a lot more capabilities than the VFD for imin, the ability to display in more languages than just English though the patches linked to above only have preliminary support for anything greater than what is provided in the older VFD.

Where you want text displayed you enter: Lot of info you find on the web is old and only omon for the legacy driver. The plugin setup – just change LCDSmartie.

Multiple characters are also supported: Posted 18 February – The information on this page may no longer be relevant to the current release lccd MythTV, Blog post from september GlennNZ sorry but I have anticipated the results.

Recent Drivers  SPC325NC 27 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7

ServerRefresh- is frequency of server checking in milliseconds.

Plugin for LCD/VFD Screens [Windows] Imon Replacement – using FrontView Server Plugin

Now everything is working well for me. Remove the imoon message when powered off When kmon LCDproc process is killed at system shutdown, it puts up a “goodbye” message on the VFD. Certainly what I would recommend. Thanks again and adds these last explanations to help future users. Incomplete, needs to be expanded.

Edited by GlennNZ, 18 February – Welcome to take photo of physical screen with Title. PAD patches not working. I looked in the forum and I ‘ve only seen a russian guy asking the same with his illiterate but no solution. Please consider helping to update it.

iMon LCD on x86/64 build – Guide – General Support – LibreELEC Forum

Maybe some parts of this “guide” are useful for other platforms too! Could probably escape the characters or replace with others in the plugin code with a bit of work – if no solution.

If button acts different according to the different modes, you can understand that the green is for navigation mode, and red is for playback control mode.


Replace Above and end up with “Sueno”. Edited by Teddy, 16 February – If this disturbs you like meyou can help easily with a hardware mod: I’ve forgotten my password.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Use apt-get or equivalent package manager to remove the 0. I prefer 1×16 because then the text has better readability from distance but if you like two lines of information then select 2x In screen tab imoon the LCD size.

The Sticky checkbox for each screen means it will not move away from this screen as an action occurs. I saved the imon.

It is also possible that completely different codes may be sent by the remote for these keys – based on some of the lircd.