Downloading apps is quite simple, a single click will do. Otherwise, suffocation or gullet jam can be caused if children swallow the small fittings. Check whether these two devices are installed correctly at first. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. Page 32 The content of the message to forward displays automatically in the text box.

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Earphone Jack Insert your earphone into the jack on the EC when you use the call service. Making a Call In the Outbox, you can dial a number of a receiver whom a message has been sent to. Page 31 When the Outbox is full and an additional message is coming, the earliest message in the Outbox is removed to the Trash automatically.

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. Step Action Select one or more contact s from the Contacts.

specifications & all drivers for laptops

This left Device Manager looking like this: You are commenting using your WordPress. Click Stop Search to stop searching. Enter the new code again to confirm it.


Meanwhile, an alert window can also be displayed if you select the option. You can edit it. The above data of volume statistic is for your reference only. Select Quit application to exit the EC Manager. When you maximize the interface, it is displayed as follows. It is subject to nuawei actual one. In accordance with the international standards for radio frequency and radiation, use wireless data card accessories approved by Huawei only.


Entering a Telephone Number Directly You can make a call by entering a telephone number directly. Page 28 Click Clear to clear the huuawei and the message content.

If you would like to root your apparatus or would love to flash Custom ROM, or when you would like to set up a Custom Recovery, then you have to unlock your inventory bootloader.

3g modem Huawei EC Download drivers for Windows XP / Windows 7 –

The following table lists the procedure. Deleting A Message Select a message or double-click it to display the interface with the detailed contents and click Call. The EC is starting. If the configuration of your computer is inferior to the recommended configuration, the running performance of the data modem may be affected.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Eventually I ended up getting the manual from the manualslib. There is no setup file for them. Your EC may be different.


Restoring a Message You can restore a message in the Trash to the original box. You can click it to clear the last volume statistic information and the total volume statistic information. The Huawei support site did not appear to offer the drivers.

The volume of the last connection with the Internet, including sent and received volume statistic values and the duration of the connection. For details, refer to “Warnings and Precautions.

Sms Settings Click to import the message from the right of the arrow to the left. Click Clear to clear the contacts and the message content.

Connecting to net using Huawei EC325 on Linux

To start with, you will have to download and set in a device management applications or program on your PC. Huwaei EC Installation Manual 40 pages.

Preparing the EC Note: