My only grip at all about the case design is that the plastic used is blue instead of black, something that is slightly distracting and makes the keyboard look a little cheap. We bought my son this keyboard for Christmas and the “a” key no longer works. The case is exceptional, the switches are crisp and feel good, and the lighting — while nothing crazy — is above average for the budget bracket the Magic Eagle is in. Originally the mouse can be used in Linux, but can not be programmed. Keep the work up Havit!

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Much better than my other multi-side button mice, which has broken down How can I fix it?

LED lights make your keyboard and mouse seem like they are breathing – which is very cool. The settings of the buttons will be stored inside of the mouse, so even if you use the mouse on a different computer, the setting will still remain the same, so you should be able to use your current setting on a different computer. You can configure and change LED color by using the provided driver, which is in the provided CD or download from http: A lot of budget keyboards really skimp in important areas, be it the switches, the case, the features, etc.

The keycaps are thin laser etched ABS. After using this keyboard for 2 weeks I have was pretty impressed about how it malfunctions.

Recent Drivers  DRIVERS FOR FA310TX

I made a video to demonstrate havitt lighting modes and how they can be accessed:. For full shipping region list, please visit this page.

Unfortunately the letters on the keycaps are not transparent, so the light cannot go through. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

This detail was by far the most disappointing aspect of the keyboard for me. The keycaps do a good job of letting the backlighting shine though, which is another selling point of this keyboard.

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HAVIT HV-KBCM Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Rainbow Backlit) – HAVIT Online

How do I change the DPI? To go better and faster control program single and combined key commands. The mouse is braided 8. We use cookies to improve site functionality and personalization. The keys are easy to press down to activate the key 7.

Gamenote Gaming Series (Formerly Magic Eagle)

Currently there are two versions of software: A temporary solution is to register the buttons on a Windows PC, then use the mouse on Mac, however, this is not a recommended way to use the mouse, as PC and Mac are two different OS, and not every functions on Windows is compatible on Mac, so please use this method at your havlt.

Your input is very much appreciated. The LED of this keyboard is not customizable, however you can change the backlit mode from marquee to breathing, and even turn it off. The OEM profile feels nice enough to type eatle, but the keys do feel rather cheap.


HAVIT HV-MS LED Optical Programmable Gaming Mouse for PC (Black+Yellow)

Keep the work up Havit! As the keycaps of the keyboard is not switchable, therefore you cannot physically switch the keys of the keyboard. Also, for some reason, I don’t know if it’s just me but, my mouse’s left click is more silent than my right click button.

Back lit keyboard 2. I use German layout keyboard Andre Munoz T Quality is amazing, sensitivity options on mouse and keyboard are a great touch, especially for people who touch-type. After a week of use there was a little bit of shine on the hxvit, but nothing terrible.

First of the Q Series. Was this review helpful? What could be better?

Your input is very much appreciated. If for some reason the product was not installed properly the first time you plug in the device, please follow this guide to update or reinstall the driver This guide is for Windows 10, but it applies to other Windows systems too: