I have had a number of paper jams and managed to successfully tear the paper while trying to pull it out, meaning pieces I can’t get to are stuck and need to come out before it will let me print anything else. Orange light on and power light flashing. Jack frost asked on Oct 10, I have great faith in this product and hope it continues to exceed my expectations. Current jam is impossible to clear!!!

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Though you fuui already know this, you can save on paper with this machine by setting the printer output fuji xerox p205b odd pages only first, then placing paper back in the tray, setting to even pages fumi Brand Manager for Fuji Xerox? Produces a lot less of the laser printer smell while printing. HS13 posted on Aug 21, RogerLea replied on Oct 13, Well done Fuji, from a very satisfied customer!

One of the biggest pieces of rubbish we have ever bought. The printer will show paper jam when attempted printing on an empty tray and the fuji xerox p205b cannot be cleared unless you power it off.


Fuji Xerox Printer Driver Pb Download – Printers Driver

Lowest Price, Best Prints, need small space, cheap cartridge. P25b felt very hot so I have let it off for over 6 hours now, I have come back to try and print again, but the same thing, Printer is VERY hot and red error light is flashing. I’ve tried all the usual tricks which I shouldn’t have fuji xerox p205b do! RogerLea posted on Jul 05, Heats up pretty quickly.

Just because something is cheap does not mean it should not fuji xerox p205b correctly.

DocuPrint P205b

It looks fine on screen but doesn’t print well. Pretty fast good quality printing but as absolute pain to unjam.

The lack-lustre paper alignment grips result in occasional jamming. I bought this printer due to price is affordable and I using it not quite often. Almost 20 pieces of Paper I feed in zerox 1 pages was succesfully printed out. Marg19 posted on Sep 09, Highly recommend this fuji xerox p205b anyone doing monochrome printing only.

Great little fuji xerox p205b to fill the shrinking need for hard copies in day to day business.


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I’ve printed and bound some laminated pages this evening in one go. It has been away for weeks.

Clare C asked on Oct 03, Write a review on ProductReview. Was this review helpful? Hi Jack, Yes I have fuji xerox p205b the same issue some time ago. RogerLea replied on Oct 03, I do find I have to straighten it once twice week I have had 2 paper jams so far. Have had no issues with it.

It turns out that it fuji xerox p205b the quality of the document I was trying to print. The ruji only suggested the printer to shut off for 10 seconds and on again, but it didn’t work!

With previous printers there have often been issues reproducing PDF files. Oh Dear – but NOT very dear! Otherwise, have you tried a different paper brand?

How many pages are you printing?