Make sure nothing is on the output tray as this can cause sheet jams. Handling color images requires a lot of memory for the application and for the data. At this point you may receive a warning that the software you are about to install has not passed Windows Logo testing. After you have completed these steps, your printer should be ready to use. A curled sheet will cause sheet jams. Cartridge is stuck in the carriage 1. If you have the driver disk for your software you can get it ready now.

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Foillfast a printed highlighter pen and youll automatically stand out from all the other stick pens offered out at a convention. Take up any slack in the foilast. Sheets with folded or cut corners can cause problems if the sheet does not activate the position sensor and sheet length sensor properly.

Check with your local Powis Parker dealer for a list of compatible brands. Check to make sure the power cord is connected 2.

When you have located the folder that contains the software, the ‘OK’ button will become available. After you have completed these steps, your printer should be ready to use. When very little memory is available for print processing, printing may take a foilafst time or fail. However, it should give you a good start in tracking down ffoilfast with your printer. Powis also has an excellent tech support team that can assist with installation issues and compatibility problems.


Making use of The Fastback P21x Foilfast Printer Printing Properties Window

With bi-directional interfaces, operation is sometimes unreliable when using printer switching boxes or printer buffers. Make sure your computer has enough memory to print the size of images you are using. The write-up will give you a number of widespread challenges and possible solutions. Homepage Add to favorites.

Powis: Software Download

Has the carriage packing material been removed? The platen often gets dirty at the same time as the head so it is recommended to clean the platen as well as the head.

Some applications do not support color printing. Stop the printing and reinstall all the cartridges.

The time required for printing can increase dramatically if the free space on the disk drive is extremely fragmented. If anything is stuck to the platen, remove it, being careful not to damage the platen. Regrettably the list is not in depth. The Foilfast printer will only accept Foilfast” premium foil cartridges. Install the printer driver from the Installation Disc.

Powis Parker Foilfast Printer P21x Black Matte Foil Cartridge | eBay

Recheck the printer settings in the application. After decreasing the size of the print data or scanning the hard disk, try printing again. After checking the power cord, push the power button to turn on the printer. Homepage Add to favorites. Even so, it really should offer you a good start off in tracking down issues together with your printer.


Open the front cover and make sure the cartridges are correctly installed.

Sometimes there is insufficient memory left for printing. Covers that fall outside the bounds of these thickness ranges may work in the Foilfast printer, but Powis Parker does not recommend using them.

The default cartridge selection is Gold Foil. The carriage will reset.

Even so, even though it really is accurate having a few variety of postcards, you may get overwhelmed together with the process if you multiply that quantity into hundreds as well as thousands. Use the correct cartridges. After turning on the extension block or power strip, press the power button on the printer.

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