The system default is Auto. The default is Instant Off. Voice Cancellation Mode Display 3. Power and Wake are Windows98 Keyboard button. The keypad acts as a key pad. The default is Disabled Disabled: Chipset AGP Mode support.

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The Driver Update Utility for Epox will back up your current drivers for you.

EPoX EP-5PC – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – iP Overview – CNET

Surround mode A total of 26 Surround Sound mode select as shown in the table below. Select Sound Manager Manager.

The voltage level of the CPU Vcore. The default is Disabled. The system default is Auto.

EPoX EP-5VKMI – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – PM800

The selected screen appears. The previous selections remain in effect.

You can scan for driver updates automatically with the FREE version ep-p4s400d the Driver Update Utility for Epox, and complete all necessary driver updates using the premium version. The voltage level of the CPU Vio. Right-click Sound Effect button in the tool bar display currently selected Titles.


EPoX EP-P4XD – Motherboard – ATX – P4X – Socket – UDMA at Backoffice

Make sure the processor is fully inserted into the socket on all sides. The voltage level of the DRAM. Automatic driver updates are fast, efficient and elimate all the guesswork. This item allows you to select the CPU clock ratio. An on-line help message is displayed at the bottom of the screen as the cursor is moved to various items which provides a better understanding of each function. The BIOS attempts to load the operating system from the devices in the sequence selected in these el-p4x400d.

The default is Disabled Disabled: When epkx, a write buffer is not used and the CPU read cycle will not be completed until the PCI bus signals that it is ready to receive the data. Front Panel Audio Connector Settings: If you encounter any problems while updating your drivers, you can use this feature to restore your previous drivers and configuration settings.

Select the item you need to reconfigure. Or, try the automatic option instead. Select Enabled if your system has a floppy disk controller FDC installed on the system board and you wish to use it. Modes 0 through 4 provide successively increased performance.


Leave this field at Disabled. The default is User define. Click Equalizer and setup the value of dB.

Memory size is auto-detected by the BIOS and displayed for eepox reference. If you cannot find the right driver for your device, you can request the driver. Video shadow is disabled. Conflicting IRQ’s may cause the system to not find certain devices.

EPoX EP-5P945C – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – i945P

New Product View Product Index. Select an address for the Game port. This prevents an unauthorized person from changing any part of your eox configuration.

The modified data will be stored in a battery-backed CMOS, so that data will be retained even when the power is turned off. Use the software supplied for your video subsystem to select video power management values.