Ensure the full SIM number is entered. This even happens to panels I have successfully downloaded in the past. This would be done through the Modem Manager Configuration within the Tools menu. Retrieved from ” http: For every comma entered in the phone number will provide a two second pause. Make sure that the correct Com port has been selected and there are no conflicts associated with it. In order to do so we would want to start at the main start page with the account already closed; we would then right click on the account and click on properties.

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After selecting the connection type as PSTN two new fields will appear for the Phone Number as well as an option if you wish to do the Double Call feature on dsc md12 modem account.

That could be it. There are no modems available: The following options are available. In moeem window we would use the drop down menu under the dsc md12 modem type and choose PSTN incoming.

Communications Tutorial – DLS5 Wiki

If you see this error, it means that all modems have been removed from the Modem Dsc md12 modem Configuration. Mark Leuck Contact options for registered users posted on August 10,1: Allows the maximum amount of time in minutes between calls when connecting to a pa 5.

It will work fine after that. Back in the day of ddc warranty it wasn’t as much of an issue to swap, but dsc md12 modem a panel just because it won’t upload or download becomes its own issue when trying to charge the customer.


In order to dsc md12 modem to a panel, you must first decide which type of connection you wish to use. You can also specify the double call timer and the double call duration. Jim Rojas Contact options for registered users posted on August 8,1: The port that the T Link would be using for communication, the default port should be You would want to make sure that you have dsc md12 modem selected properly depending on the programming on your panel.

Which leads me to think that it is a software issue. For more information on disabling dial and busy tone detection, see Modem Manager Configuration.

Ensure that DLS is enabled on the panel and it is correctly dsc md12 modem up for the proper number of rings, or double call. I’ve yet to ever see that happen and we have some shitty phone lines around the US filters.

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DSC MD12 modem connection problems tourman I’ve tried forcing the baud rate in the DLS software to various different settings and no joy. Have I got a bad modem?

Your telephone number contains mf12 characters. Depending on how the account was created the double call feature will either be enabled or disabled. Dsc md12 modem you have selected the type of communication operation, a screen will appear with 3 tabs prompting you with different options.


If you do have enabled Automatically Open Account when creating the account it will open right away after clicking Dsc md12 modem. I tossed the MD12 a while ago. If you would like to find out what modules are enrolled on the system, without uploading or downloading any programmingyou can select the “Module Auto-Detect” function from the moddm.

For every comma entered in the phone number will provide a two dsc md12 modem pause. If you do select the last option it is recommended to click basic following that.


In this new window we can then enter the Account Name, chose dsc md12 modem Account Group, select the panel type and the connection type. With the account properties open you would then click on the actual panel Ex. Then there is lightning’s aftermath. You can also look into other devices answering the line before the panel is able to Fax machines, Answering dsc md12 modem, dxc.

Tower Security Contact options for registered users posted on August 18,3: Allows the maximum amount of time in minutes before double call hangs up. Ensure the full SIM number is entered.