My new Arduino USB cable worked great! Do not hook up your USB cable just yet. In my case my RXD line had less than a volt going to the multimeter or a bad connection. This is a common, but old, Nokia phone data cable, that cost less than 3 EUR. For my cable pin 6 was white, pin 7 was blue, and pin 8 was black. My cable had ground txd and rxd cables only. A bunch of weird solder jumpering tx and gnd were solder jumpered…rst and vcc were blobbed together I think…some other stuff.

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I would really appreciate it. Then we attached the connector for the three wires for easy connection to the Seagate, get the square type. I did a quick probe to confirms this, serila attempted to solder the green wire to the via. Not all pins will have a connection.

Ex-Link Cable for C/D/E Series and BD players – SamyGO

Just as I was considering kdu-5 up a USB phone cable, I realised that I had a full-blown Linux system with a handily accessible serial port that runs at […]. Write down the color of the wire and its corresponding pin number from the picture below.


The next section explains how to make it a lot nicer. After you have started PuTTY, follow the steps in the screen shots below. Diy serial Cable with cheap phone cables Says:.

As the TV uses 3. I used screen as my serial communications program. D, and it can only be programmed once. D since it uses an internal clock generator.

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People usually did it with a 3rd party chip. Plug in the cable, power on the device, and start the Arduino IDE. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Email required, but never shared.

I documented it on my blog and gave you credit: They might help someone else out. So how does it work when the ATmega expects 5V? The following figure shows the connection chain: The rest of this page describes how to connect up your internal serial port. Plug the cable in. In my case my RXD line had less than a volt going to the multimeter or a seriall connection. When attempting to program, the DTR pin does go low, but it stays low, keeping the Arduino in reset instead of actually resetting the Arduino.

Recent Drivers  HP5000N DRIVER

Indeed, they are also work with 5v without issue on my tests. In reality, when I look at the bottom of the board it does not appear as such. Can you do me and all the future readers a favor and measure the maximum current you can draw?

The Ex-Link cable for ES series is similar to all other serial cables except that it is terminated by 3.

This ssrial was a life saver, and really saved me a LOT of money! If not, we move on to the next step where we strip the chip on the USB end. And there another cable that was useless. You get what you pay for.

[SOLVED] DKU-5 cable (usb to serial) macOS driver

The part of the “pin-out” which we care about are:. Just saw your post on the Arduino forums.

Please read the entire article before you begin to modify the cable.