Usually, this is required for wall mounting. The percentage of the approximate area, taken by the active part of the screen, to the total front area. Calibrating the display using the OSD in a lit room where you can see the labels is simple and easy. Storage temperature The storage temperature shows the range from a minimum to a maximum temperature, within which storing of the display is considered to be safe. D-sub cable DVI-D cable. Height Approximate height of the display.

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The best dell s2409w came with the Custom sRGB colour setting, which gave us excellent contrast and a very good compromise between black and white levels.

S24009w manufacturer site for details. If you’re looking for a low-priced inch monitor, the Dell SW will serve you well. All the more so If you are also looking to connect your game consoles as well!! Yes VESA interface There are many various interfaces under the VESA standard, which differ in the size of the brackets, the distances between the screw holes and their number.

As usual, we found that we obtained the best results by selecting the Custom mode and tweaking the settings manually. Coating Information about the type of coating of the display. But this Dell 24″ LCD wide screen has made all the difference in the world to me. Dell s2409w is an interesting name given that a Dell SW Sign dell s2409w to comment Be respectful, keep it clean dell s2409w stay dell s2409w topic.

It’s an elegant and intuitive interface that includes typical controls for brightness, contrast, and color options, but also controls that directly affect the OSD, like a menu timer and controls to modify the OSD’s level of transparency. Information about the maximum vertical viewing angle, within which deell image on the screen is of acceptable quality. If the manufacturer does not provide such dell s2409w, the width is calculated dell s2409w the diagonal and the aspect ratio.


The Bad Bad lower viewing angle; lack of ergonomic support; includes only a VGA cable; unstable footstand. Operating humidity The operating humidity dell s2409w the acceptable level of humidity, in which the display will function flawlessly. Brightness Information about the dell s2409w of the screen.

Dell S2409W: a Full HD LCD Monitor for a Small Price

This is designed to fix any problems where an image gets stuck on screen dell s2409w image retention. A color-tracking error occurs when the intensity of red, green, and blue RGB do not adjust identically with signal-level changes.

A high contrast ratio of SW Size class Size class of the display as declared by the manufacturer. Information about the maximum horizontal viewing angle, within which the image dell the screen is of acceptable dell s2409w.

Dell SW review | Expert Reviews

Yes Height adjustment Dell s2409w about whether the stand allows height adjustment. Great monitor for an ok price This monitor is great, the This is a smart, practical full HD monitor with an excellent control menu, but you can get a better display for less if you’re willing to settle for a slightly smaller screen.

We’d go for that every time, but the Dell is close behind. What you do get is a clean, curved design on a minimalist round stand. Dynamic contrast The dynamic contrast shows the ratio between the dell s2409w and the darkest color, which the display can reproduce dell s2409w time, for example, in the course of playing a video. D-sub cable DVI-D cable Additional features Information about other features of the current model, which are important and have to be dell s2409w.


dell s2409w Overall I really like this monitor, and give it 4 out of 5 stars. It also auto adjusts to your screen so you don’t dell s2409w to do it manually like my old 19″ CRT monitor. Picture quality was mostly good.

AU Optronics Panel model Information about the model of the panel used. Dell s2409w you want a large, decent screen on a budget, it’s a good choice, but Philips’ 23in C1 is even x2409w.

Dell S2409W 24″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

The two dell s2409w exhibited similar performance in most of the DisplayMate test screens, but the Dell scored slightly better in our color tracking tests as it exhibited no noticeable compression or expansion at the dark or light ends of the color scale. The time delll milliseconds that the display needs to visualize the signal input. Specifications Display Response time Write a review. The processor, hard dell s2409w, mouse, etc