This item doesn’t belong on this page. To conclude, if you get this monitor it will be hell trying to crack the code so to speak in terms of finding the right settings combination. With its gray body, the Dell P will be a classic upgrade for any computer. I haven’t played anything else besides Madden in this res yet, so I’ll have to see what the other games look like. It has a power consumption of watts.

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On my standard TV, there were only short blackbars at the top and bottom.

Plus, this inch CRT monitor comes with effective controls, therefore you can easily adjust the brightness, color balance, and sharpness to perfection. For example, Dirt is dwll dark, dirty looking game hence the nameso when I play dirt I just set it to the bank I’ve made for ‘dark’ games and voila!

Dell P1110

Anyone have any suggestions on display settings? Process search Search for p110 process e. You are currently viewing the device driver detail page for Dell P You can make use of the spacious viewing area and scroll less to read the contents of a long document because this inch CRT monitor features an exceptional large-sized screen.

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To check your drivers you should either: More items related to this product. The brightness isn’t all the way up, and I’ve got my blacks perfect now. It’s not a HUGE deal because if I p11110 the image from the edges it doesn’t show, but I’d rather have it fully stretched out horizontally all the time if I could.


You’d be better off sending it x Once I move the screen into position, it comes in nicely. Run dell free scan. I performed the squeeze on the vertical of the image. P’s native res x About this product Product Information This inch Dell UltraScan monitor is contemporary, flexible, and a great peripheral for ensuring you get good graphical performance out of your system. Originally Posted by chrisherbert You really should be able to have one setting that will work for all games.

Outdated Monitors and video cards Drivers?

Dell UltraScan P – CRT monitor – 21″ Overview – CNET

This is a tough one because there are so many contrasting images in football. The Pcomes with all the standard features you would expect from a solid business partner.

Show More Show Less. What good is great resolution when the picture looks dull and dead. Additional Sell Features Monitor Color. I’ve also adjusted the colors for the 10th time and because the Ultrascan allows you to have multiple screen setting banks, I can switch to the bank that works best for certain types of games; and that save stays for me to reference each time I power up.


After some research, I’ve found that this “jaggie” problem in Madden is common for all platforms, the worst being on PS3, and is most notable sell playing in High-Def on all platforms. Just can’t figure out the strange light glow. Also, research tells me that this is a common problem with other EA games which I don’t play.

But I’m getting fullscreen with this res, so it’s good.

Dell P – Device Driver Download

No wonder why all the problems. They use a different refrence value for color pallettes meaning to properly calibrate your tv for a p110 that you watch movies on you would need 2 settings. On the monitor, the bars are longer and take up more of the picture, and on non-widescreen games I lose screensize on the left and right.

This item doesn’t belong on this page.

What might be causing that? It looks especially awful while playing Vell, as “jaggies” are easily seen. I haven’t played anything else besides Madden in this res yet, so I’ll have to see what the other games look like.