Retrieved 14 January Funk was a fan of Tarkio and played pedal steel on the first two Decemberists releases, not “officially” becoming a member until the third effort. User does not exist. Non-traditional rock instruments used in the album’s recording included an accordion and a hurdy-gurdy. The Decemberists proudly became Capitol Records employees, but nothing about their Capitol output speaks to a taming of ideas, a simplification or more accessibility. Further aiding their rise was the fact the meek, indie-leaning music writers could look at Meloy and believe he was one of them. A full decade later, its reverberations are still being heard.

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Retrieved April 18, Streaming and Download help. Retrieved April 7, I just want to say thank you Sufjan Stevens. General Comment just beautiful. Add your thoughts 95 Comments.

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Gillian Welch can be heard singing backup. Features 10 Best Songs.

David Lynch possibly raising funds to direct long unproduced Love in Vain: General Comment Okay, meaning now. On his Comedy Central programStephen Colbert started a mock feud with the band, claiming his “green screen challenge” came first; [10] the band countered that its on-stage lightsaber fight in San Francisco preceded Colbert’s idea.


The Engine Driver song meanings. Submit Your Photo Title. Respire — Memorial An Accompaniment. It was released in on the Kill Rock Stars record label. Colin Meloy later affirmed that R. General Comment It’s about that girl that you want but will never get, for whatever reason.

ENGINE DRIVER CHORDS (ver 2) by The Decemberists @

Further aiding their rise was the fact the meek, ebgine music writers could look at Meloy and believe he was one of them.

Archived November 7,at the Wayback Machine. Also, while the tale at the center does involve a shape-shifting crane, the words stay rooted in the difficulty of marriage and romantic expectation, a topic that far more of us can relate to than a transmogrified bird.

The audience was encouraged to scream as if they were being consumed by a decemberkst mentioned in the track’s narrative while the band pretended to die on stage. On October 6,the band announced the cancellation of the remainder of their European tour, decembrist the ill health of a band member. And thankfully Meloy never tried to emulate his hero Morrissey. And this is a story about what gets lost from a lot of the conversations about indie music in the early s, and is true even now.


Archived from the original on 4 April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the three or more references for this song is unquestionably “Wichita Lineman” ref: Each of the professions he lists in the verses are various parts of being a touring musician.

One of their most self-indulgent moments, a song that shows a band to be capable, and even graceful in self-indulgence must be a classic. They tell their jobs and seem to accept what they are.

Herring’s Brand Dirigible Balloons.

Her Majesty the Decemberists On November 1,the band further canceled the remaining 28 shows of their “Long and Short decejberist It” tour. The Decemberists — The Engine Driver.

Create your account Finish Sign Up. General Comment When the song says ‘Trying to rid you decemberust my bones’, I don’t interpret that as trying to forget a girl.

InThe Crane Wife was voted NPR listeners’ favorite album of the year, as announced on the December 5 episode of All Songs Considered[9] and it remains one of the Decemberists’ most critically acclaimed records.