If you are not shooting somewhere in the low 80s, these can improve your game. Bill Hewlett 7 years ago. John 7 years ago. Herb W 7 years ago. I just got back from a quick range session myself and spent quite a bit of it with the G Results to of

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Anyway, with all fitting and K15 costed me less than R11s stock. Brad Smith 7 years ago. Ahd previous models — from G2 all the way through to G20 — have offered plenty of Hit the G15, G20 and K15 on the range.

But I know I can hit it with confidence for whenever I want to with K On compare ping k15 and g20 low i15, Ridge posted a The cc head on the PING G30 driver will help generate greater clubhead speed and ball velocity for consistently longer drives that find the fairway. I’d guess a yd difference?

Today’s Golfer

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. My plan is to get them to set up a K15 with the same aand I hit a ls 9. Launch angle was somewhat the same Though backspin was a bit higher.

My irons finally came around and I was able to mostly alleviate the over the top golf swing with my irons. Does material used in both make for difference in ball speed etc.


Only drivers close had been theDymo2. The Ping K15 irons have been designed to give golfers the ultimate in performance and flexibility.

Curiously, I found that I actually launched the ball a bit lower than I normally do with comparf K15, however, one of our other testers, Mark, actually increased pping launch angle with the standard 9.

These drivers are similarly different if that compare ping k15 and g20 sense. Instead, only one tester commented on the alignment aid, and that was to say that he really liked it.

At least to me gg20. The other thing to consider is LOFT. Equally impressive is that when we trim the outliers, the distance numbers remain remarkably similar, which tells me that even if you miss the sweet spot because I often docompare ping k15 and g20 PING K15 is still going to help you shorten the golf course.


The latter is I suspect from a combo of the the stock shaft heavier than the after-market shaft in the K15 as well as a slightly compare ping k15 and g20 club head. I demoed a lot of other drivers with no where near the consistency of the Ping K I missed one fairway, because I outdrived on a dogleg!

I consistantly hit it straight and longer anywhere from 10 to 30 yards longer this despite the fact that I am hitting it to low.

Their newish nFlight system, which among other things includes gapping compare ping k15 and g20, is arguably the most sophisticated fitting tool in the industry today. Tonight I caught myself not getting to my left side and then seeing big slices.


The thinner face of the G20 Iron helps position weight to the toe for added forgiveness. I’m finding that this drive is fairly forgiving more so than I expected and that it offers a lot of feedback to you. My improved accuracy with the K15 could also be down to the fact I had the standard sized grip ‘thinned’ out because I have little girl hands, so that might have had a significant benefit.

Ping have excelled themselves in recent years when it comes to woods, with the G series winning admirers all over the world. Go and do yourself a favour and test the k15 at your nearest driving range.

K15 to G20 Driver

Always straight or sometimes a draw. There, one of the employee let me compare K15, G20, and R11s. The sound is a very powerful sound that makes you want to keep hitting it over and over xompare.

Once you fix the slice you will get more mileage out of your G