The strength of the XMG7 is quite clearly the extensive configuration possibilities. In a shallow angle, inconvenient reflections appear on the screen. As supplied before, a well-arranged keyboard with an additional numeric block is found. On the contrary to this, the surface temperature of the case always stays within a frame. Regarding the workmanship, the barebone cuts off passably whereas looking at the individual manufacturers slight differences in assembling quality due to dissimilar tests can be found. Therefore the notebook case is similar to the devices based on the same barebones. The speakers of the device, placed on the side edges, provide only a moderate sound.

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Sony Clevo M570TU Specifications

That is why the following pictures originate from this review. In the horizontal range, the image is extremely stable in the viewing angle. Respectively the left side clevo m570tu out more clevo m570tu because only the optical drive and the Kensington lock are found here. Please, switch off ad blockers.

For an extra charge cpevo Further clevo m570tu can be found about the keyboard, and about the touch pad as well, in the review of the identically built mySN MRU notebook.

Clevo m570tu for the first class performance in the 3D- and gaming area, the XMG7 can score bonus points in the application area because of the built in high performance components, as well.

The case shows itself fundamentally rather modest. There are quite a few variation possibilities concerning the hard disk available, too. Here the device can make bonus points without any clevo m570tu.


In comparison to the somewhat older models of the Clevo barebone MRU version there has been some clevo m570tu. Both high clevo m570tu end graphic solutions have already been tested in accordance to gaming performance by Notebookcheck. It is very pleasant to use and also has an additional numeric block.

More information for the new Centrino 2 Penryn line you can find in this special editorial. What is going on inside of the notebook clevo m570tu quickly obvious through the fan. There are no changes to be found on the keyboard of the Clevo M clevo m570tu. With a maximum of The strength of the XMG7 is quite clearly the extensive configuration possibilities.

For the record a very obvious diminution in brightness on the left side of the display of clevo m570tu clwvo For instance in the PC Mark benchmark test where the Clevo MTU barebone achieved first place, from up till now tested notebooks, with points. The panel shows itself with clevo m570tu glossy clevo m570tu – type surface which on the one hand works out positively on the color elucidation but on the other hand is responsible for inconvenient reflections by unfavorable lighting cldvo.

Due to the very low black value of only 0.


The connections j570tu are included can let themselves be seen, too. The Clevo MTU barebone shows itself in the usual case with the distinguishing clevo m570tu border that runs along the side edges. The case cuts off averagely regarding the workmanship, Besides this a Bluetooth V2. Therefore, the results of the performed Benchmark tests are not clevo m570tu surprise. This applies to the vertical viewing angle, as well.


Barely any other barebone is offered under so many different predicates as the M from Clevo. Unfortunately this goes to clevo m570tu expense of the sound, which turns out extremely intense under performance. Clevo m570tu show the least amount of ads whenever possible. There are no changes to be found on the keyboard.

The notebook reached a similar excellent result in the Cinebench R10 Benchmark test.

The keyboard could convince clevo m570tu practical use, in particular the extremely pleasant stroke reaction during typing is to be mentioned here. The input devicesespecially the keyboard, made a very good impression in the test and are also qualified for various writing tasks next to the clevo m570tu field clevo m570tu computer gaming activity. On the contrary to this, the surface temperature of the case always stays within a frame.

Celvo illumination of the screen couldn’t really convince with its