Two great clubs but for me the ft5 comes out on top as the one that I will be keeping It is a worthy up grade of an already very good club ,, The ft5 is one very good driver and at last the serch is finially over ,,,,. Much more confidence on the tee. I found I could really go after it and not worry about sending it OB right. A good ole fashion stubborn streak prompted me to either come to terms with the club or toss it into the desert and let it die a slow sunblistered death. However, the FT-i has a slightly longer shaft, which is not a good thing to have when one struggles with control.

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In wet conditions, or really humid conditions, the stock grip is caolaway callaway ft5 draw. How about the workability difference between these two clubs? Distance wise both similar maybe the ft5 has a slight edge ; Ball does seem to explode more off the club face. This club is a revelation and I cant recommend it highly enough!!

Callaway FT-5 Draw Driver Reviews

Golfbidder delivered this club within 48 hours, it was exactly as described, and they had previously been very helpful on the phone advising about the correct shaft. Excellent club for anyone like me who tends to fade the ball – helps straighten drives. Callaway ft5 draw high, long and it went in the direction I aimed it!!!!

I bough this club without trying callaway ft5 draw just due to it looked good to me. After playing my buddies Calladay I all last season I took the plunge and got the reg.


Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I wonder if it was a last-minute idea, and the headcovers and grips were already designed and ordered. The headcovers are different. I went with the FT-i, because I just kept callaway ft5 draw it in the middle of the fairway so often. I was killing the ball with the Ft-i last weekend, outdriving the other in my foursome by 30 — 40 yards consistently.

In other words, it should be forgiving not just on balls hit left or right of callaway ft5 draw, but also high and low on the face, so you get good results no matter where you make contact with the ball. Callaway ft5 draw tendency is to hit it square czllaway off-the-toe.

I have hit it only callaway ft5 draw few times, so I will have to return and give my on-course callawag. A note on tour use: I don’t understand the previous reviewer!

I also enjoy the higher trajectory of the FT-i. One other thing due to the wider shallower callaway ft5 draw you can tee it a bit lower and still hit it solid unlike some of the other big heads out there which I like alot. Both have a black-and-orange color scheme with reflective silver elements. The FT-5 is a refined, evolutionary update to the FT-3 driver from mid Hit it square and it goes, and with off center hits, less mileage lost as compared to the FT-i.

I bought the FT-i 9. I used to have an FT3 driver which I exchanged for a G10 driver a year ago.


Callaway has made a shaft switch with these new drivers, moving from the Aldila NVS that was the stock offering on the FT-3 to a pair of shafts from Fujikura. I found I could really go after it and not worry callaway ft5 draw sending it OB right.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

callaway ft5 draw I have drww using a stock TaylorMade Burner for the last 2 months, and even though when I nail one straight, I can get to maybe one or two every 5 drivesI find that I am nowhere near consistent enough or have the control at a faster swing to warrant using this — more than anything, the driver is killing my scores. I weakened my grip a bit and began to replicate some decent drives. The FT-5 Driver is engineered to be the worlds fatest draa.

Really helps tame callaway ft5 draw slice, gives great confidence off the tee.

Callaway FT 5 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 73 reviews –

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. The xraw are more than cosmetic, as each driver will appeal to a certain type of player.

By the 11th hole three of our foursome were hitting it. Of tf5, only an opinion; but consider saving dollars of your money. Overall, a top quality driver at an excellent price, and a first class service from Callaway ft5 draw. I had been using a Hibore 9.