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Only a few are listed here.

Create a bootable latest & final version Beini 1.2.5 USB

Beini This simple, powerful application lets you set up a weekly security check of your Wi-Fi. Also try use the older version 1. It is a free download and is a small Linux distribution packed with power.

Jonny Wand September 18, at 4: FilePlanet Review Screenshots Comments Beini is a special set of tools that lets you test wireless network security. Hacking or Cracking other people wireless network is illegal and against law. Thanking you for the help. Not compatible with all network cards Not ideal for beginners.

For dictionary attack to be perfectly work, the password of the beinni is accidentally happened to be in your defined dictionary.


Have you ever asked yourself just how hackers get into wireless systems?

Why not mind your business and get therapy for your obsessive need to worry about everyone but yourself! Desazable Modz February 27, at 9: If you have ever wondered how secure your Wi-Fi connections are, this program will tell you what you need to know in a short period of time.

Saufi Yatim January 9, at 5: Can this version crack the wpa2 key.? Noibrizi Muhamad April 9, at 4: Assault CubeHack October 26, at 6: Get alternatives to Beini.

If you want to benii what hackers see when they look at your network, this is the tool for you. Works with Most Networking Cards Most hardware configurations will be compatible with this package.

Beini – Free Download

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You will save a lot of Gigabytes.

Includes Feedbottle and Bib Includes two of the finest network analysis tools with an easy to use interface. Bini Haziq January 13, at The second is a Wi-Fi scanner, which allows you to measure the intensity of the signals as well as discover all the networks around you.


Create a bootable latest & final version Beini USB

Xmodzz boga September 22, at 3: Jejak Rezeki June 4, at 5: The download size of this program is 63 MB, which means that it will download relatively fast as long as you have a fast connection to the Internet. Bib is also included, a companion that helps test encryption strength on various Wi-Fi networks. Whenever you want to run a test, it can be brought up quickly. Shah Hussain June 20, at 6: Abdur Rab December 21, at 5: Adrian Woolley May 22, at 6: If not detect Wifi Card 1.