Compare Similar Products Want to make sure this is the right product for you? Biscom also includes support for enhanced disaster preparedness. The name of the saved file is remembered by the fax printer driver by storing the file name in a list in memory The apparatus of claim 6, further including cancellation means, said cancellation means comprising, in combination: Learn about Kyocera’s committment to meeting Section Compliance.

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If, for some reason, the system cannot run a scheduled report or preform a scheduled task, the administrator is automatically alerted of the problem.

Views Read Edit View history. This facilitates the chart delivery to the hospital, and additionally to the EMS agency quality assurance department, medical director, and state Department of Health data repositories.

Search for the corresponding contact and click OK. Fax rules can conditional, e. In a preferred embodiment, the multiple-file fax feature of the invention is initialized at the invocation of the fax printer driver by the user printing a file to the fax printer tax the target printer from an application program. Human machine interface for telephone feature invocation. Corporate Background At Kyocera, in order to deliver products and services that delight our customers, we take the biscim Principle as our top priority.

AccuSender® powered by Biscom

Please dial Option 3 to reach us. The method of claim 12, wherein said single prinetr unit for facsimile transmission is an envelope file. Automated inbound fax management simplifies the process of directing faxes to the correct destination and eliminates errors. Some other things to consider: The apparatus of claim 6, further including remove means, comprising, means for temporarily removing selected ones of said files from said multiple-file facsimile file list until after said return to said computer application program.


The most secure, reliable, compliant, state-of-the-art cloud fax file sharing solution – anywhere.

The Fax window will appear. AccuSender powered by Biscom provides secure scanning and distribution of large files without unwanted size limitations, and is a secure and reliable way to send scanned documents to multiple pronter via e-mail.

The most common situation is when you or someone else is currently connected to the server using RDP, has printer redirection enabled and has a local Fax Printer on their client. In the preferred embodiment, the invention is implemented by means of a computer containing programs and data structures suitable for providing the desired control functions, such as through a C-language program.

Careers Kyocera is looking for enthusiastic, creative people who share our commitment to growth and advancement.

Peinter introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. In the event of a fax emergency, faxes are routed to your backup service seamlessly. A dialog box is presented to the user, showing the name of the temporary fax file that will be created by the print.


Join the conversation Add Comment. If the input received is that the removal is permanent, a clean-up function is performed on just the selected files. Delivering an electronic patient care record ePCR to the receiving hospital provides some challenges that depend on a hardware, software and access to the Internet.

The feature is advantageously implemented on a LAN-based computer, such as by a C-language program. Files to be removed using the button are selected from the list The method of claim 12, wherein said computer application program invokes a fax printer driver to perform said steps of adding giscom names of said electronic files to said compound facsimile file list, preparing said files for facsimile transmission, and transmitting said compound facsimile.


Different contacts are available in EMR to send via fax. United States Patent A wide range of application programming interfaces APIs is offered to aid bisvom in integrating Biscom with standard and custom applications. The method of claim 20, further including the step of providing a means for viewing any of said files listed on said compound facsimile file list.

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Biscom fax software gives bisckm the flexibility to use fax technology using the method that best suits the situation and their workflow. To request to file an EMR document in error please send an e-mail to elpasoemr ttuhsc.

It is understood that the specific mechanisms and techniques described are merely illustrative of one application of the principles of the invention. When fax transmission bkscom a file is requested, a dialog box containing dedicated buttons for the various functions involved in multiple-file fax creation is displayed by the fax printer driver, with a list containing the names of the files that have been added to the multiple-file fax displayed in a subwindow. Fas the removal is temporary, the selected file names are removed from the immediate send list and a fax may then be sent composed of the current file and any remaining files on the list.

Each file to be included in the multiple-file fax being composed is directed to the fax printer as the target printer.