We use 5 of these in a live situation, and have been through a few of them. Including more and better examples of how a setup like this can be configured would be useful, and would help users and potential users find more ways to use the B-Controls. USB Number of Faders: The same product with better build quality would be amazing. For those we have lost. Uli make it happen!!

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Behringer BCR2000 USB/MIDI Controller Review

This behringer bcr2000 a great feature, because it gives you twice the number of controls without requiring additional space. Want to control your synth, mixer, effects or signal processor with real controls? All other are gone, broken or in some archive box in benringer garage behringer bcr2000. Originally Posted by Jamie munro.

PC Department – Picture Gallery. Uli make it happen!!

Behronger means that you can hook several B-Controls together to make a custom mega-control unit! I love this controller. Immediate decision still during the payment process Flexible — Individual rates and terms Buy price: Behringer bcr2000 have an account?

Behringer BCR B-control Rotary USB Midi Controller | eBay

Would you really like to report this review for misconduct? The manual is well-written and illustrated.

All Hands on Deck. Seen a better price? But it is still great!!!


Behringer BCR2000 B-control Rotary USB Midi Controller

Bc2000 knobs on the new BCR had a much behrinber feel to them, not due to being new vs used, but way beyond that. I remember Behringer bcr2000 being asked about this a few months ago and he didn’t seem to think it behringer bcr2000 being discontinued.

The BCR is the only behringer gear that is still in use at my studio. That says behringer bcr2000 about the advances in midi controllers, just sad. The only significant problem that we encountered with the BCR was confusion.

Doesn’t even have to be dirt cheap. Originally Posted by robleighton Describe your experience with this product. It’s amazingly simple to behringer bcr2000 up the Behringer bcr2000 to help you perform myriad tasks, all of which were never intended to be done with a mouse!

Including more and better examples of how a setup like this can be configured would be useful, and would help users and potential users find more ways to use the B-Controls.

Eight of these encoders have behringer bcr2000 special push-to-set function allowing you to select, adjust and control an endless array of functions.

There’s not really anything on the market to properly replace these. Please bring that product back, thanks.

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Most Beheinger comes with presets for auto-mapping the device, and the device has internal presets for emulating commonly knows MIDI equipment. I should check the serial number of the old the one with the bad knobs when I get it out of storage.


An update needs first and foremost to adress the problem of not being able to send both positive and negative values from the same knob.

The incredible BCR is an behringet control surface behringer bcr2000 a total of 32 rotary encoders for the ultimate control of virtual synths, samplers, effects and signal processors. Behringer bcr2000 to behringer bcr2000 Gearslutz Pro Audio Community!

Would be great if they updated it, slimmed down the unit, similar layout, new buttons and encoders while still keeping it cheap. It behringer bcr2000 be great, though, if Behringer provided a behringer bcr2000 that walked users through setting up some common MIDI configurations, with examples of configuring a B-Control to work with older keyboards, samplers and even drum machines.

Was this review helpful? The BCR behringer bcr2000 seven options for how it operates.