Starting Simple With Homemade Electronics? Essentially turning th whole coil on and off really fast? September 7, at Are the fets dieing from to much current? June 4, at

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Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

January 10, at You can salvage flyback transformers from old computer CRT monitors, virtually free! I have checked and rechecked the circuitry of the unit giving the anomalously high frequencies but cant find anything out of the ordinary — maybe aufio flyback is made to run at higher frequencies?

Thanks for the support Sincerely Aiden Gibson. Find a local store if you just want single pieces of electronics, but if you are getting into power electronics then it is not a bad idea to invest in a load of timers and some mosfets from hong kong ebayers, here is a seller that I have used a couple of times, good zcs and service. Do you think that is something that would work and translate all the way to the final tesla output? I think the main issue is my capacitor that is too small.

It worked, but it wasted wayyy too much power because the amplifier had to work too modluated and the transformer I used always got uncomfortably hot.

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Starting Simple With Homemade Electronics? – Experiments – Science Forums

I got it to work! This would be like when you draw arcs to ground with the flyback, rocketing power consumption into the high skies.

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September 27, at Fri Sep 23 When you pull the wires so far apart that no spark is able to jump, you are running the transformer open loop and the potential can get very high as only a corona sky is forming. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. November 7, at Never the less, the ZVS driver can accomplish loads of current in lots of different ways.

There is a possibility that the isolation could fail due to corona buildup in the secondary, especially in older transformers. I can understand from your parts in question that you want to run at higher voltages, it can be done but you might run into some practical problems like…. Im not sure how to measure tank current but i will do research on how.

Audio Modulated ZVS driver playing some music / High Voltage / Forums –

A cause of failure can be the zeners being fried due to overheating, and thus getting 50v on the gates for a short time, but still destroying the oxide layer inside your mosfets. I have tested it before with another circuit so I know it works. William Stehl Wesley Venis The audik have contributed financially to the continuing triumph of 4hv. May 9, at Hi Mads and Dylan, I found a cheaper ways of getting a power supply.


Hope my info helps! Are the fets dieing from to much current?

Alex, you are on the right track. September 16, at You can just use two 10K potentiometers. The internal body diode is a by product when transistors are manufactured. A car ignition coil us made with a iron core and might just saturate at the high frequency this circuit runs at with the usual component values.

Hi Bryan Hubble covered the most, a tip on reading the schematic, black dots on zva lines indicate that the lines are connected, all other lines crossing without a dot means there is no connection. All the interrupters and the “music injectors” as I like to call them work off of chips, which I honestly don’t have the patience to look for and buy.