With the machine on, and out of sleep 12 hours a day 7 days a week, I think it had ample time to do that. I am mentioning the dvd cause of this post: I’m just trying to understand what hardware is on my board cause with all these rom numbers and driver numbers it gets confusing. Yesterday the problem MAY have resolved itself, and my guess is it may have been an update issue. Apr 22, at

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So I don’t wish to change any drivers. There is another way to get knowledge about all installed third party drivers: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

Mon Mar 19, 4: Anyhow, seems much better thanks, now whether to keep old raptor as a games drive. It caused all manner of system problems, including hangs, boot problems like you mentioned, and even, in some cases, the complete inability to power the machine on.


Jun 6, Posts: Fri Mar 16, Have I got the best solution or should I get the v Asus P5Q deluxe Fri Feb 13, I’m also not sure whether that update that it kept saying over and over was going to happen did occur. XHC Here are my current settings: Apparently, I’m living proof here, with a machine that won’t do the update until it does.

Cripes, this thing is driving me crazy.

getting AHCI working on ASUS P5Q Pro – Forums

No one has any idea? It sounds as if Windows is expecting to boot in Awus mode. I replaced it not long ago, but with the symptoms, maybe it’s bad. Kernal Panic Option 3: Windows 10 will launch in Pp5q Mode. Could Intel make a driver that lousy as to prevent wakeup from sleep? Run Command Prompt as Admin 2. Here are some ways I have tried so far: I’ll see over the next couple of days what happens.


AHCI on P5Q Pro & Samsung 840

Somebody help me out here. Mon Mar 12, 4: I didn’t see Paladin’s post til you pointed it out. I will try replacing the CMOS battery and post back. How many frickin’ updates do they need to do? A new episode in the saga. This site uses 5pq.

Mon Mar 12, 6: Jan 8, Posts: After testing most of the hardware, I tried resetting BIOS settings to default and that seemed to allow the drive to enumerate consistently.

Many thank’s Fernando for your “turbo-reply”! Or abci in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Hi folks, I’m getting crazy, meanwile