With a constant heavy load on the processor multi-core provided by a CPU benchmark, the cooling system speeds up and gets as loud as 40 dB A. The chassis is supposed to have a special construction which keeps the palm rest and keyboard cool. The appropriate Ethernet card, in the form of the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet adaptor , is provided for anyone wanting to connect the laptop to a Gigabit switch at home. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. The lowest energy use in idle ranged from only 10 Watts up to 16 Watts minimum and maximum in idle, with no recharging. For details see AMD:

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The touchpad an Elan Smart Pad feels slippy to use and is at times a little imprecise. The gaming tests asus k53t video with the dual graphics system without any driver issues; Crossfire was always activated standard settings.

Answers in the review. The AMD project is coupled with a asus k53t video battery life 5 hours and a low energy consumption idle: It even leaves up to 30 Watts of leeway for recharging the battery.

It sits firmly in its slot, held in place by a double slider.

This is sufficient for indoor use, asus k53t video in sunlight it naturally becomes difficult or even impossible for the screen to outshine the reflections that appear.


The sound quality remains free of scratches or distortions throughout.

Review Asus K53TA-SX026V (Fusion) Notebook

The asus k53t video long battery life on idle no stress, lowest brightness setting points to a low energy consumption. But because of the poor glare-type display with its weak viewing asus k53t video and contrastthe low-quality input devices and the comparatively small number of ports but USB 3. Asuw six-cell lithium ion battery with its 56 Wh capacity provides excellent battery life. Low energy needs, no annoying heat gain, and good battery life. Here, the most recent Futuremark test seems to take the higher GPU performance into account, making up for the hard drive and the slower clock speed.

Review Asus K53TA-SXV (Fusion) Notebook – Reviews

asus k53t video The large Watt mains adaptor is needed. The HDD can be heard making some background noise and a soft clattering while in use. The palm rest remains firmas does the keyboard. The typing l53t is firm, because the surface sits securely in almost every area. The distribution of brightness is only moderately even.

The Llano notebook Samsung V5A asus k53t video lasted for 3: The results of the gaming tests, however, do not show any drop in performancein fact quite the opposite at times. The case gives the laptop a high-quality appearance, with no uneven spacing between parts. Asus K series laptops asus k53t video one thing asu common: The hinges are tight and hold the lid safely in position; it does not tend to wobble following adjustment. This means the aaus competition is not so far ahead anymore: Manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, k3t Acer only offer 12 months for this price class.


PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Even once the game had ended, Cinebench had to be started up again before it could enjoy the use of 1. We look then at that constant of the benchmarking world, the 3DMark06which gives a score of 6, points. But what if your budget stops at Euros?

The maximum opening angle of around degrees is more than enough for using it on your lap. Vertically, the effect begins after only the slightest change asus k53t video angle.

It causes a certain amount of inaccuracy when typing, because your fingers find it hard to orientate themselves.

Asus K53TA laptop video card drivers

Please check asus k53t video your supplier for exact offers. For gamers or music lovers, these speakers are unusable, and so it will be essential to use external speakers. Intel-based machines, like the Asus X43SVviceo 3: