Another nice feature of the C Stop paying retail prices ever again! From the time I picked it up till the time I finished reviewing it, the Alpha did not disappoint. I was around with my Ping G5. The finish on the Alpha is cleaner and sleeker than polished granite.

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A,pha used on this site are the property of the named companies and are used for reference and comparison only. What flex should I select?

Alpha C Titanium cc Driver at

Share this with your golf buddies: Plasma welding technology is used to reduce unnecessary weight around the face to produce an extremely solid and lighter constructed head for an incredible feel upon impact. True to the nature of technology and the limits imposed by the USGA, there was no noticeable difference in the distance I hit the Alpha.

Graphite 45″, Men’s Std.

You hear of a lot of people re-shafting drivers because they are not happy with the originals. As soon as I took the wrapper off of the Alpha, I could see that it had a similarly deep face.

This club should be one of the first clubs you try, not the last. Your email address will not be published.

Alpha Reaction Golf C830.2 Titanium Drivers

Just wanted to say thanks for this review. I know the shaft is good but this combination is VERY good!. Went from hitting my Wilson Deep Red consistantly to blowing past it on the fly with the crappy range balls in the world and I mean that quite literally, some had square dimples in to a stiff wind.


I have owned the Alpha After spending a few months with the C An Allen wrench tightens the shaft as if it was originally bonded. From the top, the driver has a wet black look to it.

Alpha C830.2 Plasma Welded 460cc

And I was aboutmaybe with the Alpha. Stop paying retail prices ever again! Reduction of torque means less turning of the clubface and a much straighter ball flight. Golf clubs and equipment represented on this site are not to be confused as copies, counterfeits or imitations of the aforementioned companies. Notify me of new posts by email. If any golf club is found to infringe upon a trademark or patented design, please notify us and it will promptly be removed.

Super-thin SP titanium face features the maximum coefficient of restitution for the highest energy transfer ratio allowed by the USGA Strategically engineered heel-to-toe weighting for increased rotational inertia Large cc head produces a very high moment of inertia for resistance to twisting on off center impacts Strategically positioned center of gravity for boring trajectories Carefully crafted wide body construction allows easier airborne launches, low backspin, and straighter and longer shots Uniformly thin outer face with consistent flexibility across the face to achieve maximum COR for off center hits Wide and tall effective hitting area provides a generous sweet spot zone.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The patented M-Fit Interchangeable Shaft system involves a lightweight titanium shaft sleeve permanently attached onto the tip of the shaft. This club is definitely worth a shot not only for its performance, but for its price as well.


This eliminates the need for epoxy to glue the shaft and head together. Well, I was wrong… and it nearly is: Not all golfers alpga going to swing out of their shoes like those guys, but Alpha has designed a solid club that goes toe to toe with the best drivers out there.

From the time I picked it up till the time I finished reviewing it, the Alpha did not disappoint. The flight was not high, but with the ball speed it did not matter as it still carried, and despite the wet ground, ten days of rain!

The shaft was cut to Because misses high on the clubface of a deep-faced club typically produce an acceptable ballflight, drivers in the recent years have gone deeper and deeper. May well it continue.

They have a solid club that has been proven by some of the most demanding customers in the world for drivers. Proven with multiple Long Drive Championship wins, the C