Wire the actual voltage level, voltage level, actual current limit, and actual current limit to the four instances of the Number to Fractional String function. It is also available from: Create a control on this Read Output. The NI Instrument Driver Network houses thousands of instrument drivers for automating third-party instruments. Click the Agilent EX project to create a new copy.

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You can also troubleshoot and make manual function calls to your instrument to ensure that it is working as expected before moving into automation. Expand the front panel to full screen. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Agilent E363X Series Power Supply

You can download the latest version from: By agildnt the File Path input to the function blank, the program prompts the user to browse to a location on disk and give the file a name. First open the Block Diagram of the VI for the blank design and expand it to full screen.

If the count is exactly 10 then the DMM is refreshing at 1 sample per second. Answer this question in your lab report: NET Framework itself is not required by this driver.


Does the com port appear in MAX or just device manager. This operation actually runs: It is able to install many of the required agilejt components, including Windows Installer 2. Open the Learning tab by selecting the Learn to Program tile in the Welcome screen or select the Learning tab from the top right.

Add one final Concatenate Strings function to append all the sub-strings into one formatted string.

Most Active Software Boards: Or xgilent I have to change the settings of the device itself? Known Issues This driver does not have any known defects.

E3631A – Want display to show voltage/current in realtime

Once this is selected you can control the function generator. Then click on the RUN button again as this is a single measurement.

Message 9 of Source for this driver is not available. This tool automatically detects USB kabview connected to your host PC and adds a graphical representation to the window. You don’t need anything from Agilent and the find instrument drivers is not supposed to work.

I selected my port from the dropdown menu in the front panel and then started the VI. This block diagram also demonstrates the complexity of the advanced designs used to control test instruments.

You can also install this driver from another installation package.

Recent Drivers  EZ430-RF2500 LINUX DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Agilent | Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

You can download the help viewer from: Adding a second Read Output function allows you to view and verify that the second channel is tracking the first. Message 2 of Message 4 of All supported models will have a GPIB and serial port. February 26, Version 1. Figure 11 is what you should have at this point:. Add four copies of the “Number to Fractional String” function to convert the numeric data of voltage and current to the string data type. Figure 6 VI Function Generator Block Diagram The design of the various stages, functions, and blocks will not be explained within this lab but you should turn on the Show Context Help found under Help in the main menu so that when your agilenr passes over objects in the front panel text will appear giving some information about what the blocks do.