Please also note the following video tutorials: Any suggestions on how to start the program. Note the Vulkan rendering system is still in beta so it’s up to you to choose which option works best for you. Please check the video card requirements and take care that you …. Jeff, As a follow up to my non starting AeroflyFs2 problem I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest As Windows and Intel do not seem to support Vulkan for CPUs earlier than Skylake does this suggest that older computers would be better with a motherboard and memory change as well as any planned CPU upgrade?

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Zitat von J van E. This is the best I can do to explain this for now, you can make your own determination soon. Table of Aerovly Graphics settings. If you want to increase the images per second …. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x I find it very pitchy.

Where can i find OpenGL ?

It is not possible to run aerofly without OpenGL 2. Manage book 0 page s. Systemanforderungen des Aerofly FS 1 System requirements for Aerofly FS 1 Due to the detailed 3D-graphics and the time consuming physics simulation it is highly recommended that your PC or Mac system meets the following serofly computer specifications to achieve a smooth simulation speed. Limit Frame Rate provides you with options to turn VSync off and on, aerocly lock the max frame rate to or Vsync attempts to run the game at the same refresh as the monitor, often causing for a smoother overall experience.


Thanks for your time.

This is especially true for somewhat older games and if you don’t max out the graphics settings. I could be wrong though. I admit that I don’t know enough to make full sense of the article.

Thanks guys, ny first experience with Steam. Exiting Aerofly FS 2.

Choosing this option will unlock the High Quality Anti-aliasing option. You are going to need at least an OpenGL 3.

Will FS2 Vulkan leave behind slightly older computers?

According to this program the graphics rendering are as follows: You can also set limits to free aeorfly graphical resources by setting your limit to or I’m playing on vsync since going over the display refresh rate is just excessive heat for me.

Please ensure that aerofly uses the high-performance graphics card and not the power saving card.

Laguna Seca looked like an IRacing track. But also please understand that the vulkan renderer option is in opeengl so it will be improved on as we move forward and learn of the system better. I would expect the opposite. Enabling Aerofly’s vsync with my Radeon RX still doesn’t work i. Would you know if there is any plan to increase that to something near real world range? Aerial images GeoConvert tool. In window mode you can scale the window size to the size that you want.


The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

Would appreciate some more advice if possible to allow me to start this process. Turning VSync on forces the images being displayed to be shown as a whole. We will continue to ‘tweak’ things under the hood to get everything right for a public update release soon. Always try different settings to find what works best for you. Register a new account. And of course P3D have their updates coming also.