Maintenance Four screws Phillips need to be unscrewed so the cover can be removed. The TravelMate Series runs on a quick and energy-efficient processor. The power of the integrated GPU and no 3D accelerator is just not sufficient for satisfying gaming performance. The aspect ratio of this panel is The TravelMate PM is a reliable performer and should satisfy both private and business users. P14, Celeron Quad Core, Pentiu The touchpad itself functions as it should, but doesn’t stand out in any way from the plethora of other touchpads – although it does support gestures like smartphones do and features a scroll bar on the right side.

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During our tests, the processor was able to maintain its clock speed of 2. Unfortunately, the Core i does not support Turbo Boost technology.

The Buyer’s Guide

Both the location of the individual keys as well as their size are pretty standard. Acer travelmate zqw Acer equips the inch TravelMate with a full keyboard but without a separate acer travelmate zqw keypad. The analog video port, HDMI, and the two audio jacks are located towards the front on the left side – not ideal, we think. According to the manufacturer, this is a “carry-in” warranty, so the user is responsible for getting the defective notebook to an authorized repair center.


Text editing or multimedia tasks are no challenge for the notebook.

The average brightness is pretty low – we measured The TravelMate Series runs on a quick and energy-efficient processor. The aspect ratio of this panel is Maintenance Four screws Phillips need to be unscrewed so the cover can be acer travelmate zqw.

Acer TravelMate P specs – Engadget

acer travelmate zqw As far as the results of the Cinebench R10 benchmark tests are concerned, travelmatee TravelMate PM outperforms the larger inch version slightly: Only the area around the Enter-key flexes minimally, since the optical drive is right underneath it. For the original German review, see here. The TravelMate PM seems quite reliable: P14, Celeron Quad Core, Pentiu Disk data transfer rate.

This allows for speedy transfers – provided the external hard drive is USB 3. During our DVD playback testthe acer travelmate zqw lasted a very good minutes 3 hours 46 minutes.

Intel HD GraphicsCore: Ended up in the IT sector in the 90s more or less accidentally and have remained in the industry acer travelmate zqw a travelmaate ever since. In both the horizontal and the vertical plane, the display is pretty restrictive. The display is the really low point, as the brightness is not sufficient – especially during mobile use: Under load, the system gets a bit noisier: Our review model performs pretty much like the bigger brother PM: Most of this acer travelmate zqw can be attributed to Intel’s Turbo Boost technology.


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The TravelMate is a Unfortunately, the fan is not accessible and therefore can’t be cleaned. During idle, the TravelMate PM uses about A direct comparison with the competition is also favorable: The touchpad is recessed acer travelmate zqw and features a lightly textured surface; the two mouse buttons underneath produce an audible “click” acer travelmate zqw they are depressed. Compared with the faster Core i5 processors, the difference between the generations becomes apparent: With the 6-cell lithium-ion battery, our review model comes in at around 2.

We were also pretty happy with the results during idle. Normally weak areas, like the back of the display or the area around the acer travelmate zqw are stiff and exhibit barely any give.