Thanks a lot, its really working. Can I clarify that it was working ok on home network but not on work one? It may be the case that the required driver has either become corrupt or is out-of-date can happen if the OS is updated etc. Just turned on the laptop this morning and there are no options to connect to wifi just dial up option only. Max – Jun 9, at I have Acer netbook at first it s shown WiFi but its not connecting with mobile hotspot but now I downloaded atheros, broad com, Intel drivers but I installed. How can acer aspire bluetooth fix to the acer also will recive normal internett?

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Acer Laptop windows drivers download Acer aspire bluetooth 3 Nodevice Fair performance reasonable price make fantastic alternative high-end netbook Could this have been accidentally toggled? I just pluged in my dongle and use it that way for now. Report Respond to Lost.

I pushed and pushed and pushed the switch but it won’t turn on.

Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site

There are multiple other devices running on my home network at any given time and acer aspire bluetooth never have any trouble. Also I tried reinstalling my OS, but that neither yielded any result. What article are you refering to to use. Max – Jun 9, at If fail, check the bluetooth setting at your device. I am able to Google search and go to other websites but not do email and facebook and other sites like that.


I hope you can advise Cheers, Maree. Hi Georgia — do you have a wireless mouse?

Try to click search button at the box. If I am in the same room ace acer aspire bluetooth router, the Acer laptop connects via the network card. Hi, i have the same problem. Hi Kate — have you rebooted since the problem happened? Is there a trouble shooter or something like that for bluetooth?

Rian – Aug 13, at Say “Thank you” HANZ – May 24, at Turismo – Jun 12, at Hi John — is your internet connection good enough to run the Drivers Scan? But before that, make sure the 42500 bluetooth eg.

Rate CCM users have said thank you to us this month. It may be the case that the required driver has either become corrupt or is out-of-date can happen if the OS is updated etc.

Acer Aspire 4250 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Windows Ask a question Report. If I stand in acer aspire bluetooth next room, approx 15 feet, in direct bluetootu of sight, the connection drops. Stalker – Dec 3, at Ask a question Report.


Ashutosh – Nov 2, at Hello, i am trying to set up the bluetooth on my acer laptop with myh mlobile phone, nokia I wish I could say the same, Max. Rian — Aug 13, at To fix this try turning off power save mode of the network adapter.

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View all 7 bluetootb. Dabraji – Apr 19, at Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Device Manager Error Code 10 — what is it and how do I fix it?